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Dear Faculty:

I trust your summer is off to a great start! Although there is much going on today, we wanted to offer you some "no pressure" comments from the Student Life team as you guide registration today. These are based on actual case studies our team deals with in the fall with first semester freshmen. There are a number of cases in which a different schedule may have helped us retain a student to the university. Again, this advice is given from the "retention lens" perspective of the Student Life team as we work with students in crisis 6-8 weeks into the semester or who are unable to return after a difficult first term. It is also based on a developmental model that gives more academic flexibility the first semester - a time when we continue to let the students know that coursework gets increasingly challenging. We offer these observations below with humility and with an understanding that advising rests with our wonderful faculty!

Bryan Carrier, Ed.D.
Acting Dean of Students

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