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The Institute for Intellectual Discipleship exists to promote the cultivation and responsible use of the life of the mind by supporting a broad range of curricular and programmatic initiatives designed to advance the Christian intellectual tradition, to highlight the integration of faith and knowledge under the Lordship of Christ, and to equip Christians for lives of cultural engagement through informed, Christian reflection about crucial aspects of contemporary life.

Through a variety of programs and partnerships, both within Union University and in the community at-large, the Institute works to promote increased understanding of a Christian world and life view and its currency in the church, the academy, and society. Programs of the Institute include the Mars Hill Forum Lecture Series, as well as periodic conferences and colloquia. In addition, the Institute provides administrative support for such curricular initiatives as interdisciplinary courses (UNI) and the Gateway experience (pending approval).

The Gateway Experience

A two semester-hour course required of all freshmen, the Gateway experience aims at instilling the joy of learning, an appreciation for the art of critical thinking, and a sense of the overarching interrelatedness of knowledge from a Christian perspective. Students will


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