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FERPA & Your Privacy

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, FERPA, protects academic and other education records of students from unauthorized access. It allows the University to refuse to issue a transcript in the event of an outstanding financial obligation to the University or to a national loan program.

FERPA permits access to academic records within the University under the "legitimate need to know" clause. This allows faculty advisors, administrators, faculty and selected staff access as long as the use of such information is within the purpose of the university and for the benefit of the student.

FERPA allows access to academic records beyond the direct use of the University, or third party access, under the following circumstances:

  1. with the student's signed release,
  2. to the parent of the student who is legally of minor age,
  3. to the parent of the student who is legally an adult but who continues to be the financial dependent of the parent, and
  4. for academic research provided all personally identifiable information is removed from the data.

If a student is of minor age, grades may be discussed with parents. Parents or guardians of students 18 years of age or older must present proof of the student’s financial dependence or written approval of the student to the University before discussion of grades or academic performance. The attached release form is provided for this purpose. The FERPA release does not provide copies of Progress or Final Grades to parents or other parties.

It is the policy of Union University that any official transcript or letter verifying grades or grade point average should be issued through the Academic Center and that any form affirming grades or GPA should be signed by the Registrar. A student copy of the Union transcript or verification of enrollment for currently enrolled students is also available to the student with his/her authorizing signature at Union Station. Verification of enrollments are available free of charge by visiting www.uu.edu/verifications. Any document containing grades or grade point average of high school academic records or college credits transferred to Union University should be issued from the institution that maintains the permanent record. High School transcripts and transfer transcripts on file at Union University are third party, non-transferable records and are the property of Union University.

The other type of information addressed by FERPA, directory information (name, address including email address, telephone number, date & place of birth, photograph, academic major/minor, class schedule, dates of attendance, degrees & awards received, most previous institution attended), is considered public information UNLESS the student has a signed statement on file in the Academic Center to the contrary. Publication includes on the Union webpage/student directory, news releases and phone inquiries by prospective employers, insurance companies and others. Check the Campus Life Handbook for additional details.

Online FERPA Declaration Instructions

Instructions on how to fill out your FERPA Declaration:

  1. Go to webadvisor.uu.edu*
  2. In the right corner click, "Log In"
  3. Enter your Username and Password (If you need to obtain your Username and Password, refer to the Information Technology (IT) brochure that was given to you in your registration packet.)
  4. Click, "Submit"
  5. Click, "Students" on the menu on the right
  6. Under "Academic Profile" click "FERPA Declaration"
  7. Complete the FERPA Declaration and click "Submit"

*Access to your WebAdvisor account will be granted 72 hours after your class registration.
**If you have any question or problems with the FERPA Declaration, please contact the Office of the Registrar at 731-661-5040.

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