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Summer 2014 Course Schedule for History


Course Title Credits Synonym Level Faculty Meets Times Room Location Enrollment Term Starts Ends
HIS-101-ADWB World Civiliz to 18th Century 3 72063 UG R. Briley TBA Web/Online OPEN 2014XS 6/2/14 7/25/14
  Restricted to Adult Study students only
HIS-101-G World Civiliz to 18th Century 3 71550 UG R. Briley Th 6:00PM-10:00PM G-WB 104 Germantown OPEN 2014XS 6/2/14 7/25/14
HIS-102-S Wrld Civiliz From 18th Century 3 71549 UG D. Bates M Tu W Th F 9:25AM-11:10AM BAC 41 Jackson OPEN 20142S 6/30/14 7/25/14
HIS-280-1 StAbHIS295/Sp Tp Austrian His 3 74326 UG S. Hopper TBA Jackson CLOSED 2014CS 3/24/14 8/15/14