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Undergraduate Studies

Undergraduate Admissions Union University seeks to educate students to be servant leaders, ready to carry out the vocation to which God has called them, and equipped with the abilities necessary to think Christianly and perform skillfully in the world. To this end, Union University seeks to recruit and admit quality undergraduate students of qualified preparation and good character. Union University is primarily an undergraduate institution and seeks to enroll students who desire the educational and Christian life experiences that are offered here and explained in the Mission Statement, Guiding Principles, and Goals of the University.

The Union University Office of Undergraduate Admissions receive and process applications for all semesters and terms of the University. All applications should be mailed to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, 1050 Union University Drive, Jackson, TN 38305. For more information, or for an application call (731) 661-5000 or 1-800- 33UNION or visit our website, www.uu.edu.

  1. Complete the Union University application for undergraduate admission (for traditional undergraduates on the Jackson campus).
  2. Enclose an application fee, personal check or money order, for $35 payable to Union University.
  3. Request all official transcripts be mailed directly to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. If any high school or college work is in progress at the time of application, final transcript must be sent when work is completed.
  4. Request that the results of either the American College Test (ACT Code 4020) or the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT Code 1826) be sent to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Transfer applicants who have completed more than 23 units of transferable, semester college credit are not required to submit test scores.

Since a limited number of spaces may be available for a class, early application is strongly recommended.

Adult Studies

Adult Studies Admissions Union University provides non-traditional programs and services aimed toward the adult student. Each program office provides central service for admissions, registration, academic counseling and a variety of other services. By concentrating these services in one office, Union University hopes to provide better, simpler service to the adult learner.

Adult students will normally apply to the University as transfer students from another college or university or as readmitted Union students. Adults who have already taken college courses will apply to Union as transfer students if they have completed more than 24 semester hours of transferable credit. See below for additional details. Otherwise, the applicant must meet freshman admission requirements as detailed in the Catalogue, making application to the Office of Admissions. Programs have specific program admission processes and unique requirements for entry.

Graduate Studies

Graduate Admissions Nationally recognized Union University offers 13 graduate degrees in seven areas of study. Graduate study at Union stands for Christ-centered excellence in teaching, research, facilities and experience.

The Graduate Faculty is responsible for approval of curriculum and graduate program policies. It is comprised of all doctorally qualified faculty at Union. The Graduate Faculty considers recommendations from the Graduate Curriculum Committee, which is responsible for examining graduate programs, course offerings, and policies relative to graduate studies at Union. The committee is composed of five faculty members who choose a chair from one of their number each year. Each program is represented by one graduate student on the committee. Ex-officio members include the President, Provost, directors of the graduate programs, Registrar, and Acquisitions Librarian. Curriculum changes are discussed and approved by graduate faculty in the departments and on task teams. Task teams may be created by the Deans of the Schools/Colleges to consider and make recommendations to the Graduate Curriculum Committee. Thus, significant curriculum and policy changes and additions proceed from the Directors (and/or task teams) to the Graduate Curriculum Committee to the Graduate Faculty. The graduate governance structure at Union University is completed completed by the Provost, the President, and the Board of Trustees.

The Program Directors are empowered to make admissions decisions based on the approved and published admission criteria. Admission decisions of the nursing graduate program are made by the Graduate Nursing Admissions Committee. The Graduate Nursing Admissions Committee is comprised of the Dean, School of Nursing, the MSN Director of Nurse Anesthesia Track, Chair of MSN, and three graduate nursing faculty appointed by the Dean on a yearly basis. The Graduate Business Admissions Committee, the Graduate Education Admissions Committee and the Graduate Theology & Missions Admissions Committee, comprised of business, education or Theology & Missions, faculty and directors, respectively, receive recommendations from the appropriate Dean regarding candidates for admission who do not meet regular admission requirements. The MAIS Advisory Council, comprised of the director and the faculty across the disciplines, receive recommendations from the MAIS Program Director regarding candidates for admission who do not meet regular admission requirements. The respective Admissions Committees may recommend Conditional Admission for students who do not meet published criteria for admission.

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