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Policies Governing Use of University Space at Union University by Non-University Organizations

  1. The physical facilities of Union University exist primarily for the support of educational and academic support programs. In scheduling of facilities, priority is given to those programs and events relating to official University functions.
  2. Scheduling of the university space must be arranged, in writing, through the Coordinator of Special Events. Commitments relating to promotion of events should not be completed until such arrangements are finalized (including submission of this signed form) and recorded on the University's Master Calendar. Non-University groups may not reserve university space more than six months in advance (unless a signed wavier is provided by the President, Senior Vice President for Business and Financial Services or Provost permitting early commitment of space). The University reserves the right to shift groups to alternative space (rather than the space originally reserved) should it be necessary in order to accommodate pressing University needs.
  3. University space may not be used by any organizations or group which excludes persons from participation on the basis of race, color or national origin.
  4. The use of alcoholic beverages, use of tobacco, and dancing are prohibited at Union University.
  5. Rental charges are nonrefundable. Rentals cancelled due to an emergency or severe weather (e.g. tornado warning, ice advisory) will receive a full refund or credit for rescheduled date. Any cancellation within 48 hours regardless of weather will still incur all catering charges.
  6. The organization agrees to disclose all religious content of the planned program, and verifies that all religious content will concur with the Union University Statement of Faith which can be found at http://www.uu.edu/about/statement.htm, and that no aspects of the planned program will conflict with the University Community Value Statements that can be found at http://www.uu.edu/studentservices/handbook/.
  7. No decorations are to be installed without first securing approval. The driving of nails, tacks, or other metal articles into walls or posting of papers, signs, and the like or otherwise marring the property, are absolutely prohibited. Decorations may not be tacked, pinned, taped or otherwise affixed to or placed on walls, ceilings, windows, doors, molding, and furniture within university space. Please contact the Coordinator of Special Events for details.
  8. Any use of flammable materials, such as candles, need to be regulated to ensure compliance with local fire codes. Candles must be placed on a non-combustible surface. Candles used in a centerpiece surrounded by combustible materials must be contained in a votive or similar container. Candles must be extinguished at the table with a candle snuffer provided by the university. Wax must harden and cool before candles are moved from tables.
  9. Tablecloths are included in the rental price when the University hosts a catered event in Coburn Dining Room. For events that do not include food, there will be a required charge of $5 per tablecloth per table for short cloths, $15 for long cloths.
  10. Minors must be accompanied by adult supervision. No animals are allowed inside except those used to assist individuals with disabilities.
  11. The use of university space for the purpose of for-profit or commercial operations is prohibited. The University Space may only be used for programs which may be defined as educational, religious, benevolent, and/or service-oriented. Promotion of any event may not state or imply the University is a sponsor of the event.
  12. Preparation and serving of food at Union must be provided by ARAMARK, the University's contracted food-service management firm. Exceptions to this policy require a signed waiver by the manager of the campus food service operation. Eating and drinking are permitted only in areas designated for that purpose.
  13. Any event using university space must be concluded no later than 11:00 p.m., unless special permission is granted by the Senior Vice President for Business and Financial Services. Regulations relating to parking, traffic control and security are to be observed by all groups.
  14. Any and all fees incurred for use of university space and /or equipment must be paid within 30 days of the conclusion of the event. Late fees will be applied for payment beyond that date.
  15. Applicant agrees to indemnify the institution and hold it harmless from all liabilities arising out of applicant's use of University property and/or facilities, including but not limited to personal injury, property damage, court costs or attorney's fees. The applicant affirms that it does have appropriate liability insurance coverage, and will supply a certificate of insurance upon request by the University. Liability insurance and all applicable taxes are the responsibility of the applicant.
  16. Applicant affirms that signing of this Reservation Contract constitutes agreement to the above policies. In the event of failure by applicant and/or group to abide by policies as stated, the University reserves the right to cancel event or to require removal from University property. The University reserves the right to enforce its policies in any necessary and appropriate manner.
  17. Union University requires that the disclaimer "This is not an official function of Union University" be included in any advertising that uses the name Union University. A copy of all advertisements, programs and materials must be sent to the Coordinator of Special Events for review and approval.

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