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Run/Walk Checklist

Course Maps: 2 mile/5K (.pdf)

  1. All events held on Union's campus must be approved beforehand by the Office of Student Life (731-661-5090) or by the Vice President for Student Life ( bcarrier@uu.edu ).
  2. All events must be scheduled on Union's campus calendar by Phyllis Davenport (731-661-5279 or pdavenport@uu.edu ).
  3. Requests for tables, chairs, food services, restroom facilities, etc. can be coordinated through Phyllis Davenport (731-661-5279 or pdavenport@uu.edu ).
  4. Waivers signed by event participants must include a release of liability excluding Union University from potential liabilities. This release of liability (.pdf | .docx) can also be obtained from Phyllis Davenport. A copy of the organization's waiver (including release of liability) must be submitted to Phyllis Davenport (pdavenport@uu.edu) immediately following the scheduled event.
  5. All course markings must be temporary and removable and must be removed from Union's campus at the conclusion of the event. Permanent markings (i.e. spray paint) are prohibited. Failure to remove course markings will result in additional fees.
  6. Proposed course/path must be approved beforehand by the Office of Safety and Security (731-661-5033)
  7. We ask that all events start at some paved area and avoid starting from the Miller Clock Tower if it requires people to drive on the sidewalks to set up and tear down for your event. No vehicles are allowed to be driven on Union sidewalks or grass due to potential damage.
  8. Participants are asked to please clean up at the conclusion of their event. Failure to clean up will result in additional fees.
  9. Any damages incurred as a result of the event will result in additional fees.
  10. You may request optional additional security as needed for a set fee by contacting Bryan Carrier, Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students at bcarrier@uu.edu or 731.661.5034
  11. Union University hosts up to nine community walks/runs per calendar year on our Jackson campus, including but not limited to:

    1. Andrew Jackson Marathon - April
    2. March of Dimes Walk - April
    3. Children's Medical Center Pediatric Dept - May
    4. Make-A-Wish 5K-(U.U./Chi Omega) - May
    5. Autism Speaks Walk - August
    6. Champions of Hope - September
    7. Homicide Survivors Event (U.U. School of Social Work) - October
    8. Alzheimer's Walk (U.U. School of Pharmacy) - November
    9. Arthritis Walk - December

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