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Distance Learning

The Stephen Olford Center at Union University is committed to bringing biblical training to you, when you are not able to get to our campus. The training is in keeping with the high quality, Biblically based, essentials of preaching and teaching that has been characteristic of The Stephen Olford Center for many years, and is consistent with the academic excellence that Union University is noted for. This training is valuable for improving preaching, teaching, leadership and ministry skills and abilities for those in Christian ministry.

PROGRAMMING NOTE: Distance Learning is not being offered at this time.

Benefits of Distance Learning

Distance learning affords students the flexibility of fitting learning into his/her schedule. The same quality course content that you would receive in the classroom is delivered to your door. Our courses are taught by highly skilled and experienced faculty members who teach in a ways that are relevant, engaging, practical, inspirational and motivational.

How it Works

Our distance learning courses can be taken individually or in a group setting.

A group environment is beneficial for several reasons. First, there is a cost benefit. With 3 or more participants, each person's individual cost is reduced significantly. Secondly, you have the opportunity to interact with other like-minded individuals in a group setting. You receive motivation and encouragement from the others who take the class with you, as well as experiencing camaraderie in the group setting.

Individual distance learning is helpful when it is not possible for a person to attend courses on site at the Stephen Olford Center, nor possible for the person to participate in a group site.


Group Sites

A group coordinator will be responsible to set the class times, location, equipment and other details for the group site. The coordinator will be required to handle registration and billing of students, print and circulate class materials to students and communicate with SOC to handle all problems and needs.

The group site will need to have the proper technology in order to insure a quality broadcast for the site students. Group sites participate by DVD usage. The group coordinator will need to have a screen large enough for the size of the group as well as the room, a projector, good speakers and adequate space for the students to see, take notes and interact. DVDs must be returned to the SOC upon completion of the module. All copyrights are to be followed carefully.

Individual Participation

The SOC will work with each individual student to help them through the details of setting up for the course. Individuals will use DVDs on loan from the SOC to complete their course. Printable materials are included in the set sent from the SOC. Once the course is completed, the DVD set must be returned to the SOC. All copyrights are to be followed.

Certificate program in Expository Preaching

The Distance Learning courses can be used in conjunction with the Certificate Program. Please refer to the Certificate Program Handbook for further details.

Courses available (when active):

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