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The Center for Politics and Religion is meant to provide a forum for teaching, research, and discussion about the intersection between politics and religion. The Center sponsors conferences, promotes research, and encourages students to "think Christianly" about how their faith should affect their politics by analyzing the role of religion in America and the world. The Center aims not only to prepare Union students to impact the political world winsomely and effectively for Christ, but also to represent Union in the larger conversation about faith and politics taking place among fellow believers and non-believers alike.


Micah J. Watson, Director

Micah Watson is Associate Professor of Political Science and Director of the Center for Politics and Religion at Union University. He is a native of the great golden state of California where he completed his undergraduate degree at U.C. Davis. He completed his M.A. degree in Church-State Studies at Baylor University in Waco, Texas. He holds an M.A. and doctorate degree in Politics from Princeton University. His doctoral dissertation focuses on the conflict between religion and politics as considered by John Locke, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and John Rawls.

Dr. Watson teaches Western Political Thought 1 & 2, a two-course sequence on Christian Political Thought, American Political Thought, Ethics and Public Policy, and a seminar on Politics and Religion. He has taught previously at Villanova University and Princeton University.

His broad research interests include political philosophy, politics and religion, politics and literature, and ethics and public policy. He is currently working on several projects which include how John Locke's religious views influenced his political theory, the biblical thought of Leo Strauss and Ernest Fortin, and a collaborative effort with his political theory counterparts at Wheaton and Westmont to consider the possibility of an evangelical tradition of political thought.

Dr. Watson is married to Julie Watson and together they have four daughters and a son: Abigail, Anastasia, Annika, Alexandra, and John. Accompanied by their faithful dog Jack, the Watsons make their home in Jackson, Tennessee.

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