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Music at Union University

Health and SafetyHealth and Safety

The Department of Music is committed to the health and safety of all musicians involved in its activities. Every effort will be made to protect the body, mind, and souls of the students, staff, faculty, and guests. This includes:

  • Healthy approaches to private lessons and group rehearsals that include appropriate technical exercises and clear information regarding the safe utilization of the muscles and bones associated with specific music production.
  • Facilities and equipment that are safe and instruction on proper handling of all equipment.
  • Consideration of volume levels in practice and performance spaces.
  • Rigorous academic work and musical expectations within an affirming environment.
  • Genuine concern for the wellbeing of each individual rooted in the belief that all are created unique and loved by God.

While the Department of Music will strive to foster healthy practices and environments, the faculty and staff are not trained medical professionals. When appropriate, referrals will be made to medical and counseling help provided by the university. In special cases, music related concerns may be referred to an off-campus medical specialist.

Campus Health Care Services

The following are on-campus, free health services for students, faculty, and staff of Union University.

Helpful Resources

Protect Your Hearing Every Day (.pdf)

A .pdf document containing information and recommendations for student musicians and published by the National Association of Schools of Music and the Performing Arts Medicine Association.

Vocal Health Information (.pdf)

A helpful brochure published by the Duke Voice Care Center; beneficial not only for all musicians, but also for actors, teachers, and everyone who uses a speaking or singing voice professionally.

Guest Lectures: Health and Safety

  • Dr. Ronald Kirkland: "Hearing Health" (Thursday, February 28, 2013)
    Transcript | PowerPoint
  • Dr. Paul Deschenes: "Emotional Health of Musicians" (Thursday, September 19, 2013)
    PowerPoint | Listen Below
  • Jeff Nelsen: "Fearless Performing" (Thursday, October 18, 2013)
  • Jeff Johnson: "Voice CPR/Triage" (Thursday, March 13, 2014)
    PowerPoint | Listen Below
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