Energy Sustainability and Stewardship

What does energy sustainability look like in the life of an American today?

Lectures held in the Penick Academic Complex, D-3, except October 20 which will be held in the Grant Events Center
All lectures are free to the public

October 5, 2010

Beth Madison

Biofuels for Energy Stewardship, 6 pm in D-3

Beth Madison, assistant professor of science in the Department of Continuing Studies, Union University

Michael Hayes

Economic Considerations of Renewable Energy,
8 pm in D-3

Michael Hayes, senior fellow, Edward P. Hammons Center for Scientific Studies and visiting professor in the Department of Chemisty, Union University

October 12, 2010

WIlliam Miller

Solar Energy, 6 pm in D-3

William Miller, research professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, The University of Tennessee Knoxville

BIll Nettles

Nuclear Power and Policy, 8 pm in D-3

William G. Nettles, professor and chair, Department of Physics and Associate Dean of Arts and Sciences, Union University

October 20, 2010

McDonald and Hansen

The Gulf Oil Spill - Technology, Policy, Energy Education, 6 pm in Grant Events Center

William J. McDonald, president, EnerPro, LLC
Lloyd Hansen, owner, Nortek, Inc.

Don Van

Reverse Energy Generation,
8 pm in Grant Events Center

Don Van, professor and chair, Department of Engineering, Union University

October 26, 2010

Sean Evans

Energy Policy and Perspective, 6 pm in D-3

Sean Evans, professor and chair, Department of Political Science, Union University

C. Ben Mitchell

Christian Ethics and Energy Stewardship,
8pm in D-3

C. Ben Mitchell, Graves Professor of Moral Philosophy, School of Theology & Missions, Union University

November 2, 2010

Vaughn Cassidy

Recycling and Practical Energy Conservation,
6 pm in D-3

Vaughn Cassidy, recycling coordinator, Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation