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How To Apply For Adult Studies Financial Assistance

Students must be officially accepted in their Program of Study before any aid can be processed.

Information You Need To Know: All financial aid awards are made under the terms and conditions described in our General Policies and Practices and according to any required renewal criteria. Other important Consumer Information, Academic Standards, and other Information about your Financial Aid can be found on this website.

  1. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  2. To apply for Federal and State Grants, TEACH grants, Federal Stafford and/or Parent PLUS loans:

    1. Go to www.studentaid.ed.gov to create your FSA user ID and password. This serves as your signature for the FAFSA. Both student and parent (if the student is dependent) will need a FSA user ID and password.
    2. Go to www.fafsa.gov to complete the FAFSA or Renewal FAFSA using your FSA user ID and password.
    3. Enter Union's Title IV School Code, 003528, in order for Union to receive your electronic student aid report.

    Tennessee residents are encouraged to file the FAFSA on or closely following January 1st each year to be eligible to receive the maximum Tennessee aid and/or HOPE Scholarship for which you may qualify. If tax returns are not completed when you file the FAFSA, you may use estimated tax figures. The FAFSA can be updated when your tax return is completed.

  3. If you will be receiving aid from outside sources, you must complete the Documentation of Outside Assistance

  4. Receive your Award Letter
    1. Keep this letter .
    2. If you choose to reduce or decline an award, please indicate and return a copy to the Office of Student Financial Planning.

  5. Consider applying for a Federal Direct Stafford Loan (Student Loan).
  6. PRIORITY DEADLINE is July 15 for Fall, November 15 for Spring and April 15 for Summer.

    1. First-time Stafford Loan Borrower at Union
      Sign on to www.studentloans.gov using your FSA user ID and password obtained from the US Dept. of Education
      • Complete "Entrance Counseling"
        Select Counseling Type: Undergraduate
      • Complete "Master Promissory Note"
        Select Loan Type: Subsidized/Unsubsidized
    2. Returning Stafford Loan Borrower at Union
      • Complete the FAFSA

  7. Consider applying for an Alternative Loan.
    1. Review the Alternative Loan list to apply for a school certified loan directly with the lender. Loan amounts are determined based on Cost of Attendance (COA) minus any financial aid the student may receive during the loan period. Loan disbursements are made to Union University and will be divided equally among all terms certified.
    2. Non-school certified loans (Paid directly to the student) are available with most lenders. For loan options, you may contact your lender of choice to apply or go to www.finaid.org/loans/privatestudentloans.phtml for more information.

  8. Consider our monthly payment plan.
  9. The Nelnet Business Solutions (formerly FACTS) payment plan gives families and option of budgeting monthly payment. Please apply for a payment plan online at www.uu.edu/paymybill or with the Student Accounts office at 731.661.5071.

  10. Loan Adjustment Request
  11. Should you need to adjust your loan amount after the initial award or request a Summer loan, you will need to complete a Loan Adjustment Request Form.

  12. Use the Portal to access your financial aid and student account information.
    1. After registering for classes at Union, students have access to the University Portal for student information. Learn more at http://www.uu.edu/it/services/portal.cfm.
    2. Log in to portal.uu.edu.
    3. Under the WebAdvisor section, use "Financial Aid" to view your aid or view any missing items needed to process your financial aid.
    4. Under the WebAdvisor section, use "Student Account Information" to view your Statement of Account, make a payment on your account, or set up Direct Deposit Banking Information. Contact Tina Giddens in the Business Office at tgiddens@uu.edu if you have any questions concerning Direct Deposit.

  13. Receiving Your Loan Disbursement
    1. You will be sent an email via your Union email when the loan funds are credited to your student account from the Student Financial Planning Office.
    2. The email will give you an anticipated credit refund date. You will receive a credit refund only IF you have a credit balance.
    3. The Business Office will also send you an email when they have deposited funds into your banking account.
    4. View the list of our Loan credit refund dates for planning purposes.

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