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Policies and Procedures for the Chapter 33 Yellow Ribbon Program

  1. Students apply for the Yellow Ribbon program by submitting a completed Union University Veteran Information Sheet.
  2. The students will be notified by email of their acceptance in the Yellow Ribbon Program for attendance at Union. The student will remain a part of the Yellow Ribbon Program as long as they are continuously enrolled at Union University.
  3. Union University has a limited number of participants in the Yellow Ribbon Program. The students are chosen on a first come, first served basis. The student who turns in his/her veteran information sheet, copy of their DD-214 and their confirmation number from their online application with the VA will be accepted first.
  4. Union University has an agreement with the Department of Veterans Affairs for the Yellow Ribbon Program. Union awards up to $4000 per academic year for yellow ribbon which (inclusive of all forms of Union awards, subject to review by the Director of Student Financial Planning) to Undergraduate Students. The VA matches Union up to $4000 per academic year for their portion of Yellow Ribbon. A Graduate Student's yellow ribbon portion is up to $250 per academic year with VA matching up to $250.
  5. Students must be 100% eligible for Chapter 33 Veterans benefits to request the Yellow Ribbon benefits. The eligible students enrolled for Fall semester typically will not need any Yellow Ribbon benefits until Spring semester as the Chapter 33 VA monies must be completely exhausted before any Yellow Ribbon can be awarded.
  6. Deadline for sending in the Certificate of Eligibility which identifies the student's percentage of VA benefits, also determines Yellow Ribbon eligibility, must be submitted to the Veterans Certifying Official before the end of the current semester.
  7. Students meet with the Veterans Certifying Official and the policies and procedures are reviewed.
  8. If a student is disputing the method or decisions made about the yellow ribbon program he/she will be able to set up an appointment with the Director of Student Financial Planning to review the decisions and methods used.

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