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Note: If you are an employee, please see the Overview section of our Computer Accounts page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does my username allow me to access?

Learn about your Union accounts.

What does my new Union e-mail address and username look like?

Your new username will be based on your name. Your student e-mail address will be your new username followed by @my.uu.edu

Does this apply to all students? What about employees?

All currently enrolled students, regardless of level or major or location, will have a username and e-mail address in this format. Employees (faculty, staff, administrators and adjuncts) also have named-based usernames and e-mail addresses.

When will my new username and address be available?

A student username and e-mail address will be available within 48 working hours of when the student is registered for classes.

What is the general format for usernames?

The general format of any student’s username will be first.last123 with all lowercase letters.

There are five main things that determine a specific student’s username. Each kind of name mentioned in this section is a part of the student’s name as stored in the university’s central student database.

  1. If a Nickname exists in the student database, that name will be used as the “first” section. If no Nickname exists, First Name will be used as “first”.
    • If “first” contains any spaces, they are removed. Example: If “first” were ‘Ricky Bobby’, then it would be combined into ‘rickybobby’
    • If “first” contained a period such as for an initial (example: “J.”), then the period is removed.
  2. After the “first” section, there will be one period/dot.
  3. The student’s last name is added to the “first.” combination.
  4. The “first.last” combination is compared to all other existing usernames in the system. If there is no other username like this new one in the system, then step 5 below is checked.
    • If there is already a username with the newly created combination, then some digits will be added to the newly created username in order to create a one-of-a-kind username within the system. For example, if the system is trying to create a new george.burdell username but finds there is already a george.burdell in use, the second one will have digits added from a central counter used for duplicate situations. This means the second george.burdell might be george.burdell2, the third might be george.burdell3, etc.
  5. The length of the username can be no more than 20 characters. Letters are taken off the right end until the entire username is a total of 20 letters/digits.

What happens if I change my name for legal reasons?

After you contact the university about name changes for your general student records, you may contact IT’s Help Desk to submit a request to change your username and e-mail address.

To submit a name change to the university:

Who do I contact if I have questions or problems?

See the Getting Help section at the top right of this page.

How will my teachers know my e-mail address?

They have access to student e-mail addresses as part of their course information. Also, official communications from various Union offices (Student Financial Planning, the Academic Center, etc.) will automatically be sent to your @my.uu.edu address.

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