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Change My Password

You will be required to enter your UU email address and your UU ID number. Your secure password must meet specific requirements. You may need to read the requirements below before proceeding.

No US Social Security Number? Call or visit the IT Help Desk to change your password the first time.



What's my UU email address?

  • Students: Visit www.uu.edu/it/networking/usernames/ - your UU email address is your username followed by @my.uu.edu
  • Employees: Look for your username in a letter from Information Technology that you received when you first began employment with the University - your UU email address is your username followed by @uu.edu
  • If you need assistance, use any of the Getting Help contacts on this page.

What's my UU ID number?

There are three ways to get your UU ID number.

  1. Look at the front bottom right of your UU ID card. If you see a number like "000611984 1", your UU ID number is 611984, the part without the leading zeroes and without any trailing digit.
  2. If you are able to log into portal.uu.edu, in the Self-Service section on the right, you can find your "University ID" using these steps. When entering it on the password-change form, do not include the leading zeroes.
    • Students: select WebAdvisor for Students, Academic Profile, My Profile
    • Employees: select WebAdvisor for Employees (or Faculty), Employee Profile, My Profile
  3. If you do not have a UU ID card and cannot get into the portal...
    • Students: contact the support staff in your academic program of study
    • Employees: contact Human Resources

What are the password requirements?

  • Follow these guidelines for creating a secure password. Keep your password private.
  • Use your new password immediately on all University-related sites.
  • Enter/store your UU password on other devices/locations as needed. For example, if you connect your own phone, tablet, laptop or computer to your UU email, you will need to enter/store your new UU password on each of those devices. Also, if you want to connect your portal home page to various UU services (My Classes, My UU Email, Ellucian Colleague), you will need to enter/store your new UU password for each of those services.

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