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Managed Workstations

Each university office employee is provided an appropriate workstation for the employee's teaching or work responsibilities. It includes a desktop or laptop computer and other necessary software and peripheral equipment. The workstation is purchased by Information Technology (IT) and is managed by IT throughout the workstation's life, according to policies for disposition of technology.

The workstation for each non-teaching staff member is a PC with Microsoft Windows.

Each faculty member may choose the general configuration and platform of workstation most appropriate for his or her work. This process is guided by the Union University's Faculty Laptop Acquisition Policy and Procedures. (If you need help, visit the portal sign-in help page.) Workstation choices are based on the current PC/Mac configurations being ordered by the university. The current choices can be viewed in table format (display here).


PC desktop

Mac desktop

Brand Lenovo Apple
Model All-In-One iMac
Processor Intel Core i5 Intel Quad-Core i5
Speed 2.9 gigahertz 2.7-3.2 gigahertz
RAM 8 gigabytes 8 gigabytes
Hard drive 1 terabyte 1 terabyte
Optical drive DVD-writer SuperDrive (DVD-writer)
Ports USB3: 6 USB3: 4; TB: 2
Audio jacks Yes Yes
Camera Yes Yes
Network Wired gigabit Ethernet Wired gigabit Ethernet
Monitor 20" 1600x900 HD+ 21.5" built in
Keyboard, mouse Yes Yes
Operating System Windows 7 OS X 10.9 (Mavericks)
Warranty 3 years 3 years

PC laptop

Mac laptop

Brand Lenovo Apple
Model Ultrabook MacBook Pro
Processor Intel Core i5 4300U Dual-core Intel Core i5
Speed 1.9 gigahertz 2.5-3.1 gigahertz
RAM 8 gigabytes 8 gigabytes
Hard drive 500 gigabytes 1 terabytes
Optical drive None None
Ports USB3 USB3: 2; T-bolt
Audio jacks Yes Yes
Camera Yes Yes
Network Wired; Wireless Wired; Wireless
Monitor 14" 13"
Keyboard, mouse No No
Operating System Windows 7 OS X 10.9 (Mavericks)
Warranty 3 years 3 years


Standard software is provided on each employee workstation. The software installed is based primarily on whether the workstation is a Windows PC (display here) or a Mac (display here).

  • Standard Windows PC software
    • Microsoft Office 2013 - Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, Access, Publisher, OneNote
    • Anti-virus
    • Adobe Reader (to open PDF files)
    • QuickTime (for audio/video support)
    • Java (for Blackboard support)
    • Microsoft Silverlight (for Ellucian Colleague UI support)
    • Windows 7
  • Standard Mac software
    • Microsoft Office 2011 - Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook
    • Apple iLife - iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand
    • Preview (to open PDF files)
    • QuickTime (for audio/video support)
    • Java (for Blackboard support)
    • OS X 10.9 (Mavericks)
    • If you need Microsoft Silverlight for Ellucian Colleague UI support, please contact IT.

The university has site licenses for ChemBioDraw Ultra (chemistry and biology), SPSS (statistics) and Mathematica (math; Windows only). These programs can be installed on a university workstation on an as-needed basis.

Contact IT to ask about other single-copy, discipline-specific software you may need.

Some of these programs may be obtained for home use.


Each office employee has access to a laser printer near the employee's area. Some areas have a color laser printer. Student labs have laser printers.

Each area is responsible for purchasing and funding its own paper and toner. Toner for Union laser printers is ordered at www.cannon4.com. If you need a username and password for the site, contact IT.

High-volume, color or special printing/duplication can be performed by University Services (Jackson campus) at printing@uu.edu. State your printing needs in the body of the message and attach your file(s).

Employees and students can print documents saved on their mobile devices using PawPrint-designated printers. Student printing is managed through PaperWise.

Loaner Laptops

Laptops are available for employee reservation and checkout on a short-term basis. This service is offered to support university work when traveling. The Jackson campus has three PC laptops. The Germantown campus has one PC laptop.

Contact your campus's Help Desk for availability.

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