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Student E-mail

Very soon after you enroll in your first course at Union, an e-mail address is automatically created based on your name. This is your account name followed by @my.uu.edu. It is considered an official means of university communication. You are responsible for responding to any messages sent to that account, so you should check it regularly. Offices such as the Academic Center (registrar) and Student Financial Planning will use this address to contact you concerning your grades, financial aid, etc. To learn when your accounts and e-mail are created and other related information see the New-Student FAQs.

Your e-mail, calendar and (for recent students enrolled before March 2013) Skydrive file storage are provided through Microsoft's Office365 services.

To look up other Union e-mail addresses, in portal.uu.edu, on the red UU Resources menu, select UU Contact Directories & Pictures. Students' email addresses can be found in any of the directories posted after 9/1/2012. Employee email addresses can be found in the employee directory.

There are at least three ways you can access your Union e-mail account:

Union respects your privacy and will never access your accounts, except in judicial matters or as requested by university administration.

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