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2013-2013 Faculty Representatives and Library Liaisons
Revised 02/28/2013

Department Faculty Representative Library Liaison
Art Lee Benson Mary Platt
Biology Michael McMahan Jenny Lowery
Business/Graduate Business Joe Harrison Mary Platt
Chemistry Marlyn Newhouse Jenny Lowery
Communication Arts Chris Blair Mary Platt
Computer Science Jan Wilms Jenny Lowery
Continuing Education Sam Myatt Beth Lynn
Education/Graduate Education Ken Newman Melissa Moore
Engineering Don Van Jenny Lowery
English Jason Crawford/David Malone Jeannie Byrd
Faculty Development Center Nan Thomas Melissa Moore
Germantown Undergraduate/Graduate Nursing Brad Harrell Anna Beth Morgan
Hendersonville Undergraduate Nursing Allison Davis Anna Beth Morgan
History Terry Lindley Anna Beth Morgan
Honors Scott Huelin Melissa Moore
Jackson Undergraduate Nursing Sharon Evans Anna Beth Morgan
Jackson Graduate Nursing Brad Harrell Anna Beth Morgan
Languages Karen Martin Jeannie Byrd
MAIS/Intercultural Studies Cynthia Jayne Jeannie Byrd
Math Matt Lunsford Jenny Lowery
Music Joshua Veltman Mary Platt
PEWS Linn Stranak Jenny Lowery
Pharmacy Andrew Martin Anna Beth Morgan
Physics Bill Nettles Jenny Lowery
Political Science Micah Watson Jeannie Byrd
Psychology Joanne Stephenson Melissa Moore
Reference Melissa Moore Melissa Moore
Replacements Mary Platt Mary Platt
Social Work/Graduate Social Work Nita Mehr Jeannie Byrd
Sociology Nina Heckler Melissa Moore
Theology and Missions Mark Dubis Jenny Lowery
All Germantown Depts. (with the exception of Nursing) Shirley Harris Shirley Harris

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