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Ambrose Video

In addition to Films on Demand, the library now offers Ambrose Video. Ambrose Video is a collection of 494 educational videos available for streaming. The collection includes all 37 of the original BBC productions of Shakespeare’s plays. The collection also includes videos on topics in history, physics, geology, chemistry, biology, child development and other subject areas. Note: Videos can be streamed anywhere and they can be linked or embedded in Moodle Rooms.

Ambrose Video offers the following functionality: Videos are 100% closed-captioned, accommodate unlimited simultaneous users, may be integrated into our course management system, and newest of all, their video streams are now viewable on all mobile devices. An informative video is available for those who want to learn more about Ambrose Video.

The full Ambrose catalog of Ambrose Video Streaming is available for your viewing. All of the cataloging records for the Ambrose collection are being added to the library’s catalog. Faculty and students may search the Ambrose database or the library catalog to access these titles.

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