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Minority Student Resources

Minority Student Resources

A Word from the Director of Student Success

Matthew MarshallIt is my pleasure to welcome you to the Minority Student Resources website. Our President, Dr. Dockery, has stated on several occasions Union's ongoing commitment to the Great commandment, which compels us to recognize that a love for God requires a love for all humanity. Union University seeks to create a climate that fosters the development of intercultural competencies in faculty, staff, and students. Our ultimate aim is to make this campus more closely resemble the reality presented to us in Rev. 7:9; when those from every nation, tribe, peoples, and languages shall be joined together in worship and service to our God. The very existence of this website is evidence of God's grace as we seek to be faithful to these goals.

I am pleased to be a primary contact for African American and racial/ethnic minority students. I look forward to working to provide not only academic and spiritual support, but also social, emotional, cultural and professional development. As my title implies, my primary objective is to make sure that every student I work with is provided the resources needed to be successful in every sphere of life.

This website has been designed to assist Union University minority students in a variety of ways. So, please take a moment to look around the site, and get acquainted with the many resources available to you. If we have not had an opportunity to meet, please stop by my office, which is located in the Vocatio Center for Life Calling and Career, and say, "Hello."

Student Success

What support strategies are in place for the minority student population at Union?

As part of the Vocatio Center for Life Calling and Career, Matthew Marshall, Director of Student Success, serves as a professional advocate and liaison for students, with primary focus on African American and racial/ethnic minority students. Additionally, Dr. Jacqueline Taylor, Assistant Dean of Students & Director of the Vocatio Center, provides administrative oversight and guidance to the Student Success area offering expertise in holistic life calling and career development and planning. Below are specific areas of expertise where the Director of Student Success and Assistant Dean of Students provide direct support to minority students at Union University:

Director, Office of Student Success

Assistant Dean of Students & Director, Vocatio Center for Life Calling and Career

Ultimately, the Office of Student Success (housed within the Assistant Dean of Students Office and the Vocatio Center for Life Calling and Career) is an advocate for the academic, spiritual, social, and cultural growth as well as the leadership development of students, with primary focus on racial/ethnic minority students of color. For more information: contact Matthew Marshall or Dr. Jacqueline Taylor at (731)661-5421 or email mmarshall@uu.edu or jtaylor@uu.edu.


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Minority Student Resources
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  • Sep 2, 2014 - Hundley Center: Tutoring Begins - 1:00 p.m.
  • Sep 3, 2014 - Vocatio Center: Backpack to Briefcase - 3:00 p.m.
  • Sep 3, 2014 - MOSAIC: General Meeting - 4:30 p.m.

    Join us in Bowld 247 to find out more about MOSAIC, and the work we are doing on campus and in the community!
  • Sep 4, 2014 - Vocatio Center: On-campus Recruiting...Informational Interviews Begin
  • Sep 5, 2014 - Vocatio Center: Five-Star Aspiring Pre-Professional (Application Process Begins!)

    Deadline: October 3
  • Sep 8, 2014 - Vocatio Center: On-campus Recruiting...Formal Interviews Begin
  • Sep 8, 2014 - Vocatio Center: Momentum: Strategies for Success (Freshmen & Sophomores) - 10:00 a.m.

    A Hundley Center & Vocatio Center partnership
  • Sep 8, 2014 - Hundley Center: Momentum Workshop - 10:00 a.m.

    Are you a freshman or sophomore who is undecided about your life calling and career or uneasy about succeeding at Union? If yes, then Momentum is for you! Join Ben Burleson and Bethany Morse for an interactive workshop that will provide you with practical strategies for success. Contact the Vocatio Center at vocatio@uu.edu or the Hundley Center at hundley@uu.edu or more info or to register.
  • Sep 23, 2014 - Hundley Center: Grad School Prep Series: The Application Process - 3:00 p.m.

    A comprehensive overview of the admissions process for both graduate school and law school, including tips for researching schools and programs, financial aid options, entrance exam information, and more! You’ll learn the specifics for creating a compelling admissions package and find out what schools are looking for in top applicants. Session led by Michelle Heck, Director of Law School Admissions, University of Missouri.
  • Sep 24, 2014 - Hundley Center: Grad School Prep Series: The Personal Statement - 3:00 p.m.

    A discussion of the important role your personal statement plays in your grad school admissions package. You’ll learn how to write an excellent personal statement based on your vision, goals, and accomplishments. Session led by Michelle Heck, Director of Law School Admissions, University of Missouri.
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