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Graduate Studies: Dissertation

Dissertation Information

Dissertation Handbook (.pdf)

Appendix B Forms (.docx)

  1. Topic Selection Approval
  2. Dissertation Committee Selection And Approval
  3. Dissertation Committee: Request For Outside Member
  4. Methodology and Statistics Approval
  5. Dissertation Proposal Approval
  6. Comprehensive Exam Results
  7. Request To Schedule The Dissertation Defense
  8. Submission Of Article/Manuscript For Publication Or Professional Presentation
  9. Dissertation Approval
  10. Format/Appearance Checklist: Union University Dissertations

Schedule of Deadlines
In order to receive clearance from the Program Director to take the comprehensive examinations, students and committees should schedule the proposal approval meeting in late May or early June to allow time for revisions and changes. The deadline for submitting the final draft of the research Proposal to committee members is July 1. Comprehensive exams are held during the first week of July.

Deadlines for Dissertation Completion
It is strongly suggested that students and committees plan on submitting earlier than the stated deadlines to allow time for corrections and resubmission for approvals.

Submission of pre-defense draft to the Assistant to the Dean April 15 August 15 December 15
Successful Defense of Dissertation June 15 October 15 February 15
Submission of unbound copy of approved dissertation to Dean’s Office July 7 November 6 March 5
Submission of final error-free manuscript, CDs, and fees to the Graduate Office for binding July 28 November 27 March 26