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Ed.D. in Educational Leadership

  • Fully Online School Reform track proposed to begin in February 2014!

Specialization: P-12 School Administration

The Ed.D. in Educational Leadership with a specialization in P-12 School Administration is a blend of theory, research, scholarly inquiry, and best practice in a context of Christian values designed to prepare instructional leaders who can articulate the central issues and solve the salient problems of contemporary education society. The primary purpose is to provide experienced educators a broad, systematic understanding of educational theory, inquiry, and practice, as well as an ability to create and apply current research to educational problems.

Program Outcomes

The six outcomes of the Ed.D. in Educational Leadership with a specialization in Preschool - Grade Twelve (P-12) School Administration are to:

  1. Focus on issues, practice, and research in the field of educational leadership
  2. Foster scholarly inquiry in areas of professional and intellectual interest
  3. Provide highly individualized experiences that meet individual career goals
  4. Foster analysis and problem solving skills and expertise
  5. Prepare leaders who effectively deal with the real issues of school policy and improvement, including best practices in teaching and learning
  6. Encourage ethical service in a framework of Christian values

The outcomes and statement of purpose emphasize commitment to service in education within a framework of Christian ideals, the essence of the institution’s mission and purpose. The program outcomes become much more specific when delineated as objectives in individual course syllabi. The P-12 School Administration specialization is based on a set of national standards developed by the Educational Leadership Constituent Council of the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE).

Areas of Concentration

The Union University doctoral degree in Educational Leadership with a specialization in P-12 School Administration is offered on the Jackson, Germantown, and Hendersonville campuses. In each, doctoral courses and processes form a scholarly community to support students in their personal transformation and in identifying and addressing critical educational issues at the local, state, national, and international levels. The degree program has two areas of concentration:

  1. Instructional Leadership (IL)
  2. Teacher Leadership (TL)
  3. Leadership in School Reform (beginning late Jan. 2014)
Ed.D. in Educational Leadership
Specialization: P-12 School Administration
Concentration: Instructional Leadership

The Instructional Leadership (Il) concentration offers a license program which can earn the graduate the Tennessee Instructional Leadership License. Through this concentration, which includes a practicum or internship that is closely supervised and directly related to the student's individual needs, doctoral students can earn licensure as a principal or supervisor under national standards approved by NCATE and Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium (ISLLC).

Instructional Leadership Application Document Samples/Examples (.pdf)

Ed.D. in Educational Leadership
Specialization: P-12 School Administration
Concentration: Teacher Leadership

The Teacher Leadership (TL) concentration is identical to the IL concentration; however, the TL concentration does not require the practicum/internship course necessary for Tennessee Instructional Leadership License (TL students take EDU 613 instead). This area of concentration is for doctoral students who desire the knowledge, skills, and dispositions of a school leader without the licensure.