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In January 2009, Union University launched our campus wide recycling program. Since then, we have been recycling paper, plastics, aluminum cans and cardboard with immeasurable success. We are so thankful for your incredible support and participation in this program!

Union recycles your basic items: paper, cardboard, plastic, and aluminum. Recycling is implemented in offices as well as within the student apartments. Union provides recycling bins for all offices, and large blue recycling bins are placed at various exits of the university. This makes it easier for students to grab their recycling and drop it off when they are leaving campus. Bags for recycling are provided free of charge in the Bowld and Heritage Commons buildings. We do ask that students clean the recycled materials of food and beverage debris and bag paper and cardboard separately from plastic and aluminum. Over the past few years, Union has saved over $30,000 because waste management comes less often since we have decreased our waste and increased recycling.

What Can Be Recycled? | FAQ

Stay in the loop about our sustainability and recycling initiatives at Union University! Like us at: http://www.facebook.com/UURecycling

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