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Resourse Initiatives


Union strives to inform and educated students on small ways to make a positive, significant impact on their environment; therefore, Union University Technology Services launched the PawPrint system. The PawPrint system allows students upload documents to designated printers. This system reduces the amount of misprints and conserves paper by raising awareness of wasteful printing by reminding students of how much they have printed since the beginning of the semester.

To access PawPrint go to printing.uu.edu

More information on how to use PawPrint

Union University Printing

Union University prints almost all large printing projects like our annual reports or Unionite newsletter on FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified Paper. FSC paper is sponsored federally and works to protect water quality, prohibit use of hazardous chemicals in forests, and prevents the loss of natural forest cover. FSC paper is also recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable. Union values our environment which is why we choose to use FSC Certified Paper. Regardless of what type of paper used to print, Union tries to be environmentally conscious when it comes to printing any materials.

Cartridge Recycle

The Union University IT department is committed to doing their part in promoting Union's sustainability initiatives. The IT department currently only recycles ink cartridges for staff, faculty, and student used printers across campus. At this time, the IT department does not recycle any of the students' ink cartridges.

Textbook Buy Back: A Green Initiative

Union currently does not allow for other vendors besides Lifeway to sell or buy back books on campus. While some students may see this as an inconvenience, allowing Lifeway to sell and buy back books makes it easier for students to receive used textbooks locally because they are not being bought from vendors off campus. When books are sold to other vendors off campus, the books are shipped out and made available to other colleges and reduces the opportunity for Union students to purchase discounted used books at Union. Lifeway offers the best buy back price they can with up to a 50% buy back rate. Lifeway also gives Union a percentage of the money they receive from books to help with the overall Union budget and fund programs and services at Union not covered by Union tuition.

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