Keystone Program

Union’s Keystone Program

The purpose of Keystone is to support and facilitate a successful transition of selected students who may fall short of meeting regular admission requirements.

Our mission is to encompass and connect the academic achievement, personal strengths, values, goals, and faith for each student.

Keystone Retention Patterns

First Semester Average 90%
First Year Average 75%

What parents are saying:

"Thank you for accepting her in the Keystone Program 4 years ago, and for the support and encouragement you gave my daughter, especially her freshman year. The opportunity and privilege given her to study at Union has been a blessing for our entire family. We will continue to pray for you and the wonderful program you have for new incoming students."
–Parent ‘11

"Thank you for loving and caring for my daughter like she was your own."
–Parent ‘08

"This program was more than I expected. I felt fully informed from our first meeting and confident my son would have the support he needed during his first year. The monthly website for parents was so helpful in keeping me in the Union Loop and I appreciate the immediate response to all my emails and phone calls when I had any questions."
–Parent ‘08

“After much research for a school which provided academic support for students with learning differences, we chose Union because of the outstanding, comprehensive Keystone Program.

The assistance this program has given our daughter has exceeded our expectations. It has provided the safety net she needed while getting acclimated to college. Encouragement and direction are given to each student on a very personal, individual basis. With this program, success is not only possible, it is probable!”
–Parent ‘07

“The Keystone program was truly a gift from God for our son, who needed extra help and support in order to accomplish his dream of coming to Union. The Keystone staff beautifully convey the heart of Union to make a college education possible for those who struggle, yet are willing to work. We will always be grateful for the difference the Keystone Program has made in our son’s life!”
–Parent ‘06

What graduates are saying:

"I wanted to tell you how grateful I am to you for helping me through my first year of college. I am confident that Keystone and the effort you put into helping me, not only as a student but as a young man, has been a blessing. I have no regrets being involved with Keystone and honestly, I would tell any student who has the chance to be a part of this program they should be without hesitation. Keep doing what you are doing, it is a great encouragement and an effective ministry."
–Spring ‘11 Graduate


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What students are saying:

"The Keystone program helped me in so many ways to cope with the difficulties of coming to college after taking a few years off the books; I remember meeting once a week with Ms. Sherry Tignor and Ms. Julie Watson to go over the schoolwork for that specific week, and I can assure anyone this program contributed so much to my successful school career. I was aware I needed some help in the beginning due to large amount of schoolwork and also for being part of the Union Soccer Varsity team. After all, leaving work behind and merging onto the college journey was not as tough as I expected to be due to the assistance provided by the Keystone program ; weekly meetings, limited amount of credits allowed to take and close contact [with] Keystone staff played a huge part in my successful path during my undergrad period here at Union. When I came to Union spring 2009, I was unsure but hopeful about my future and college experience; four years later - on May 18th 2013 - I graduate as a recent American citizen with a Business Administration major, Psychology minor, captain of the soccer varsity team since my first season, and MBA candidate for the Fall 2013." - Diego Sales Santos, Fall '09 Student

"Thank you so much for believing in me when I didn't even believe in myself." –Spring ‘11 Student

"I loved the weekly meetings. Academic accountability is something everyone needs."
–Fall ‘08 Student

"I am grateful for what Keystone has done for me."
–Fall ‘08 Student

"I think just being able to talk to and be motivated was the best thing about the Keystone program."
–Fall ‘08 Student

“I have really enjoyed the support I have received from the Keystone Program. The weekly meetings really kept me focused and accountable.”
–Fall ‘07 student

“Keystone was awesome and I would love to continue it next semester.“
–Fall ‘07 Student

“I owe my academic success at Union to the weekly accountability and relationships made through the Keystone Program.”
–Fall ‘06 Student

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Contact the Office of Academic Support
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