Keystone Program

How To Apply to the Keystone Program

  1. The Keystone process may be started after a student has completed and submitted The Union University Applications for Undergraduate Admissions and Scholarship Assistance, applicable transcripts, and national testing scores (ACT or SAT).
  2. After the student's application, transcripts, and testing scores have been received and reviewed, the student may be considered eligible for the Keystone program and will be contacted by his or her Enrollment Counselor with instructions for the next steps in the Keystone application process.
  3. The student will be asked to submit a Teacher Recommendation Form (forms provided by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions) from a Math or English teacher the student has studied under within the past year and a half.
  4. Once these items have been submitted, the student's Enrollment Counselor will facilitate scheduling an interview with the Director of Academic Support.
  5. Students will need to plan an hour and a half for the interview, and at least one parent or guardian is requested to attend the interview. As a part of the interview process, students will be asked to complete an in-office writing sample to be evaluated by the Director of Academic Support. If an in-person interview is not possible, interviews may be conducted by SKYPE, in which case the student will be asked to submit a graded writing sample prior to the interview.
  6. Following the interview, the student's information and evaluation will be submitted to the Admissions Committee for their review at the next regularly scheduled Admissions Committee meeting. The Admissions Committee will make a formal decision regarding the student's admission to the University and the Keystone Program.
  7. The Office of Undergraduate Admissions will notify the student of the Admissions Committee's decision. If the student has been admitted to the Keystone program, an additional information form (The Keystone Information Form) will be included in the official acceptance letter packet and will need to be completed and returned by the date indicated. Students accepted to the Keystone Program are encouraged to submit their $200.00 tuition deposit to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions as soon as possible.
  8. The student will be notified of mandatory orientation dates that will occur in both June and August.
  9. The conditions included as a part of the Keystone program will remain in effect for the entire academic year. Once accepted to the Keystone program, improved test scores do not automatically grant full admission status to the University.

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