Pew Research Program

About the Pew Grant

The Pew Research Program seeks to nourish Christian scholarship that will make a meaningful contribution to academic discussion. By "Christian scholarship" we mean scholarship which may have an overt Christian content, as well as scholarship which is intrinsically shaped by one's faith and worldview. Ideally, scholarship of this caliber would be publishable in refereed scholarly journals and by recognized academic presses or disseminated through performance or other refereed means appropriate to the academic discipline of the faculty member.

The Pew Research program was begun at Union University in 1995 when Dr. George Guthrie submitted an application to the Pew Charitable Trusts to fund the program. The Pew Trust funded the program for the first three years. After the Pew support expired, Union University generously continued to fund the program internally. Despite the fact that the Pew Trust no longer supports the grant, the Pew name has remained.

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