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Pharmacy Early Admission Program (PEAP)

The purpose of the Pharmacy Early Admission Program (PEAP) is to recruit highly qualified students early in their college careers and to streamline their admission to the Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) program at Union University.


  • PEAP guarantees admission to the School of Pharmacy (SOP), pending successful adherence to progression criteria.
  • PEAP students are not required to take the Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT).
  • PEAP students will be mentored by SOP faculty members.
  • PEAP offers opportunities for social connections with other PEAP students, SOP faculty, and SOP students.
  • In some cases, research opportunities may be available to qualified students.


  • Students admitted to Union University as freshmen automatically qualify for PEAP.
  • A currently enrolled Union student who has completed one full academic year (fall and spring semesters) and a minimum of 28 of the required pharmacy prerequisite hours at Union University (at least 14 hours of science and math) with a minimum 3.30 GPA and a minimum science GPA of 3.00 also qualifies for PEAP.

Progression Criteria
To enter the PEAP program or to maintain eligibility, students must

  • Notify the School of Pharmacy of interest in PEAP upon admission to Union University or upon completion of qualifications for PEAP (if a current student or transfer student). This notification should be given to the SOP admissions office no later than October 15. Registration with the SOP is critical as space is limited for each admitted class. Download Freshmen Student Form (.pdf). Download Current Student Form (.pdf).
  • Maintain a cumulative GPA of ≥3.30.
  • Maintain a science GPA of ≥3.00.
  • Achieve an ACT ≥22 prior to matriculation into the School of Pharmacy.
  • Complete all pharmacy prerequisites prior to matriculation into the School of Pharmacy with a grade of "C" or above in each course.
  • Attend one announced SOP event annually.
  • Meet each semester with their pharmacy mentor.
  • Register for and complete a minimum of 14 hours per semester (fall and spring) at Union University while in PEAP.

Prerequisite Courses

*Biology or Zoology 2
*General Chemistry 2
*Organic Chemistry 2
*Human Anatomy and Physiology 2
*Physics 1
*Microbiology 1
*Calculus 1
*Statistics 1
Written Composition 2
Communications/Speech 1
Old Testament 1
New Testament 1
Gateway 1  
+Humanities Electives 2  
+Social Sciences Electives 2  
+General Electives 1  

Notes regarding prerequisites
Courses that will increase the strength of the applicant's candidacy include biochemistry, immunology, genetics, and a second semester of physics. Not all introductory courses in the sciences, calculus, or statistics will be accepted in fulfillment of pre-pharmacy requirements.

*For all science, calculus or statistics courses, the prospective pharmacy student should take courses which are suitable for science majors intending graduate study and should include laboratories when available.

+Elective courses must conform to the following distribution and requirements:

  • Humanities electives include courses from arts, history, language, literature, or philosophy.
  • Social Sciences electives include courses from anthropology, economics, political science, psychology, or sociology.
  • General electives may be taken in any area the student desires (Christian studies, sciences, mathematics, humanities or social sciences).

To matriculate into the School of Pharmacy via the PEAP, students must:

  • Complete the PharmCAS application by September 1 of the year prior to matriculation and designate Early Decision.
  • Participate in an onsite interview. The interview will be scheduled by the SOP Office of Admissions once the application is complete.

Additional Information

  • PEAP students are eligible to matriculate into the SOP upon successful completion of prerequisite courses or the Bachelor's degree (3 or 4 years of undergraduate coursework). In rare cases, exceptional students may be capable of matriculating upon completion of 2 years of undergraduate coursework.
  • Conditional admission will be granted to a PEAP student until the completion of the final undergraduate semester (contingent upon satisfactory completion of spring courses).
  • In some cases, PEAP students will be able to apply to have a Bachelor's degree awarded after the first year of their Pharm.D. coursework. For information on this, the student is encouraged to contact their undergraduate advisor.
  • Students who fail to meet PEAP progression criteria may apply to the SOP through the traditional admissions process.
  • The SOP admits only one cohort class per year (August).
  • It is also strongly recommended that candidates for a Doctor of Pharmacy program gain work experience in a pharmacy setting prior to matriculation.

Please note this is not connected with the Early Decision process outlined in PharmCAS. This is an "early admission" program, as defined by the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy.