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Admission to the School of Pharmacy requires the completion of prerequisite coursework listed below:

Course Semesters Quarters
Biology or Zoology* 2 3
General Chemistry* 2 3
Organic Chemistry* 2 3
Human Anatomy & Physiology* 2 3
Physics I* 1 2
Microbiology* 1 1
Calculus* 1 2
Statistics* 1 1
Written Composition 2 3
Communications/Speech 1 1
Humanities Electives+ 2 3
Social Sciences Electives+2 3
General Electives+ 1 2

Notes: Courses that will increase the strength of the applicant's candidacy include Biochemistry, Immunology, Genetics and a second semester of Physics. Not all introductory courses in the sciences, calculus, or statistics will be accepted in fulfillment of pre-pharmacy requirements.

*For all science, calculus or statistics courses, the prospective pharmacy student should take courses which are suitable for science majors intending graduate study and should include laboratories when available. The calculus course(s) should include both differential and integral calculus.

+Elective courses must conform to the following distribution and requirements:

  • Humanities Electives include courses from arts, history, language, literature, or philosophy.
  • Social Sciences Electives include courses from anthropology, economics, political science, psychology, or sociology.
  • General Electives may be taken in any area(s) the student desires (Christian studies, sciences, mathematics, humanities or social sciences).

It is also strongly recommended that candidates gain work experience in a pharmacy setting prior to application.