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At Union University School of Pharmacy there are many opportunities to get involved in Pharmacy organizations. Please take a few moments to learn more about what is offered.

American Pharmacists Association Academy of Student Pharmacists

American Pharmacists Association Academy of Student 
                Pharmacists Advisor: Dr. Melanie Michael & Dr. Bethany Murphy

The organization seeks to encourage all pharmacy students to become more knowledgeable about APhA and the profession of pharmacy.


Turcotte headshotPresident:
Kelsey Turcotte
Ralph headshotVice President:
Shelbie Ralph
Chapman headshotSecretary:
Shelby Chapman
Slowik headshotTreasurer:
Brooke Slowik
Brittany Reeves
SPAN Liaison:
Courtney Pritchard
Butler headshot
Membership Vice President: Blake Butler

Christian Pharmacists Fellowship International

Christian Pharmacists Fellowship International Advisor: Dr. Ashok Philip & Dr. Diedra Easley

Our mission is to encourage spiritual growth among fellow pharmacy students, faculty, and staff through Bible study, prayer, and fellowship to in turn be as a city on a hill that cannot be hidden and the light to a darkened world (Matthew 5:4).


Hart headshot
Amy Hart
Clary headshot
Vice President/Treasurer:
James Clary

Student Council Rep:
Tyler Abbe

Phi Lambda Sigma

Phi Lambda Sigma Advisor:Dr. Andrew Martin and Dr. Mary Day

The primary goal of this organization is to promote the development of leadership qualities, especially among pharmacy students. Through peer recognition, the Society encourages participation in all pharmacy activities. Since membership crosses fraternal and organizational lines, the Society does not compete with other pharmacy organizations.


Garrett headshotPresident:
Meghan Garrett
Mills headshotVice President:
Shelby Mills
Ramage headshotSecretary:
Jenna Ramage
Frieling headshotTreasurer:
Katie Frieling

Student Chapter of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists

Student Chapter of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists Advisor: Dr. Richard Addo

Union University School of Pharmacy provides a professional and exciting learning environment in the field of pharmaceutical sciences. Our mission is to advance our knowledge and assume significant leadership positions within the field of pharmaceutical sciences. Our primary goal is to work closely with the department's faculty in an effort to advance our knowledge and learn about opportunities in the field. We spread the word about our chapter's existence and enlighten our peers of the opportunities that exist within this organization. We strive to be active in our community and encourage participation in the American Association of Pharmaceutical Sciences activities at the local, regional, and national level.


Yang headshot
Yuchen Yang
Mills headshot
Shelby Mills
Turcotte headshot
Kelsey Turcotte
Lee headshot
Man To Lee

Tennessee Society of Student Pharmacists

Tennessee Society of Student Pharmacists Advisor: Dr. Kim Jones

The Society seeks to serve as the collective and representative voice of student pharmacists; to advocate for and improve the health and welfare of Tennesseans; to provide opportunities for personal and professional development; to advocate for the provision of quality of pharmacy education; to facilitate continued involvement and leadership upon graduation; and to envision and shape the future of pharmacy.


President: Jonathan Mitchell Estes headshotMALs: Josh Estes MALs:
Jennie Allen
Buckley headshotDelegate:
Chris Buckley
Ramage headshotDelegate:
Jenna Ramage
Alternate Delegate:
Neil Hunter
Alternate Delegate: Dariona Middleton

Union University School of Pharmacy Student Society of Health-System Pharmacy

Student Society of Health-System Pharmacy Advisors: Dr. Kim Jones & Dr. Jodi Taylor

The purpose of the society is to make students aware of pharmacy practice in health systems, provide information to students about career directions in and credentials needed for pharmacy practice in health systems, and encourage membership and participation in the state society and national society as a student upon graduation.


Powers headshotPresident:
Brittany Powers
Buckley headshot
Vice President:
Chris Buckley
Ali Khocheiche

Student Chapter of National Community Pharmacists Association

National Community Pharmacists Association Advisors: Dr. Kent Stoneking

NCPA Student Affairs offers pharmacy students a wide array of opportunities to broaden and enrich their educational experience, gain valuable real world skills, earn scholarships, and have fun in the process. Our mission is to encourage, foster, and recognize an interest in community pharmacy ownership and entrepreneurship among the future leaders of their profession.


Blanton headshotPresident:
Alex Blanton
Landers headshotVice President:
Libby Landers
Olinger headshotSecretary:
Emily Olinger
McCoy headshotTreasurer:
Lori McCoy

The Rho Chi Society

National Community Pharmacists Association Advisor: Dr. Kim Lindsey-Goodrich

The Rho Chi Society is the Pharmacy National Honor Society; the mission of the Society is to encourage and recognize excellence in intellectual achievement, foster fellowship, encourage high standards of conduct and character and advocate critical inquiry in pharmacy. Students academically ranking in the top ten percent of their class are eligible for membership.


Greaves headshotPresident:
Robin Greaves
Pernia headshotVice President:
Sonia Pernia
Hobson headshotSecretary/Treasurer:
Andrea Hobson
Thimothy headshotHistorian:
Lida Thimothy

Student College of Clinical Pharmacy

American College of Clinical Pharmacy - ACCP logo Advisors: Dr. Jodi Taylor, Dr. Deidra Easley and Dr. Jennifer Byrd

The purpose of the organization is to orient students to the practice of clinical pharmacy by providing information to students about careers and opportunities within the field of clinical pharmacy, promoting dedication to excellence in patient care, research and education, and encouraging skill development necessary to function within an interdisciplinary team. The organization will also advocate the role of clinical pharmacists within healthcare and encourage participation in the American College of Clinical Pharmacy at the national level and/or the local/regional chapters.


Kaitlyn Sudol
Shidler headshotPresident-Elect:
Matt Shidler
Robinson headshotSecretary:
Megan Robinson
Robin Greaves
Student Liaison:
Sam Shah

Student Ambassador Program

Advisor: Aven Humphreys

Student Ambassadors serve as representatives of the School of Pharmacy. The purpose of the Student Ambassador Program is to carry forward the mission and message of Union University and the School of Pharmacy to potential students and the community at large. The Student Ambassadors will also promote Pharmacy as a career through various activities. Activities of Student Ambassadors include, but are not limited to, providing tours, participating in community events, assisting with school events and mentoring pre-pharmacy students.