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Recent Events

Nicaragua_5209-600.jpgStudy Tour Winter Term 2014

During the January 2014 winter term, the School of Social Work took a study tour to Nicaragua. The trip was led by adjunct professor Donald Jordan and associate professor Ginny Schwindt. Eight BSW and MSW students went, providing 6 hours of elective credit. The group partnered with El Ayudante in Leon, Nicaragua. The students learned about the Nicaraguan culture, its differences to American culture, and its diversity within Nicaragua. They also learned about community development in Nicaragua and how to best practice it. The students visited communities in and around Leon learning about them and their residents. Students had the opportunity to talk to a local doctor, a family ministries worker (their DCS worker), a nursing home administrator, community pastors and leaders, and teachers.   They also spent time with children in the care of El Ayudante.

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