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Mission to Haiti

Nursing students serve in the aftermath of January's devastating earthquake

A broken vessel restored

Despite turbulent childhood, Amy Brown finds healing in the arms of Christ

Bryan Dawson on math textbooks that target gifted students

Hear Bryan Dawson describe his journey as an author of math textbooks that target gifted students.

Trip to Singapore ignites Dockery’s vision for potential Union partnership

A trip to lecture multiple times in Singapore left Union University President David S. Dockery “physically exhausted, spiritually exhilarated” and hopeful about a future partnership between the university and Singapore Baptists.

Barnard visits Iran for academic exchange with Muslim philosophers

Union University philosophy professor Justin Barnard recently spent a week in Iran as part of an academic exchange between Christian and Muslim philosophers that he helped to organize.

David Thomas on developing historical fiction for children

Listen to David Thomas talk about his decision to develop six pieces of historical fiction for children.

Meet Kelsey Nagy

Meet Kelsey Nagy, a ceramics major in the art department.

Union students study birds, marine life on 10-day trip

Nine biology students and two professors recently returned from a trip to Georgia and Florida better equipped to identify birds and understand marine animals.

Meet Shinae Giffin

Meet Shinae Giffin, a graphic design major in the art department.

Cindy Jayne on academic partnerships in Asia

Cindy Jayne talks about the cultivation of academic partnerships in Asia, especially in Thailand and China.

Jan Wilms on teaching in Thailand

Hear Jan Wilms describe his work on lab-based computer science manuals while also serving as a visiting instructor in the classrooms of Thailand and immersing his family in Thai culture.

Guthrie surpasses $24,000 goal for freshwater wells

Union student Joshua Guthrie raised enough money to have three freshwater wells installed in Sudan.

Visit to Iraq reinforces Sanderson’s belief in value of liberal arts education

Provost Carla Sanderson spent four days in Iraq in January, sharing her expertise with academic leaders who want a more democratic form of higher education in their country.

Jean Marie Walls on Quebec's Quiet Revolution

Listen to Jean Marie Walls talk about her research into changes in culture and infrastructure during Quebec's "Quiet Revolution."

Pam Sutton on visiting the Los Angeles Film Studies Center

Listen to Pam Sutton discuss how she integrates lessons from a visit to the Los Angeles Film Studies Center into her English classes and the study of literature.

George Guthrie on studying at Tyndale House

Listen to an audio interview with George Guthrie covering his research leave at Tyndale House.

Bobby Rogers on writing poetry

Listen to an audio interview with Bobby Rogers covering his research leave that allowed him to write award-winning poetry.

Patty Hamilton on British women novelists from the 1750s

Listen to an audio interview with Patty Hamilton covering the realm of British women novelists from the 1750s.

Late-night missions event simulates persecuted church

The United States is no longer a free place for Christians to live and share the gospel of Jesus Christ. That is what 350 Union students were asked to pretend the night of Sept. 18, 2009.

Gavin Richardson and Roman coin design

Listen to an audio interview with Gavin Richardson covering his research examining the reverse image of an ancient Roman coin.

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