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Faculty Committee Appointments

The Student Government Association is responsible for appointing students to standing faculty committees on campus each year. These committees are an integral in setting direction and instituting University policies and activities. Each May, the Student Government Association accepts applications for members of the student body who desire to be appointment to one of the thirteen faculty committees who have student members. The student representation provides insight to the committees in helping them make decisions that are most beneficial to the student body.

Listed below are descriptions of the faculty committees:

Campus & Community Committee

Responsible for recruiting, promoting and increasing participation in the annual Day of Remembrance.
Meeting Frequency: 5 times, Fall only
Number of Student Appointees: Two

Campus Safety Committee

Focus on all aspects of campus safety (including alcohol and drug education, personal safety, and crime prevention) with regards to education, assessment, and the community.
Meeting Frequency: 3-4 times per semester
Number of Student Appointees: Two

Crisis Management Committee

Responsible for assisting members of the Senior Leadership Team during the event of a campus wide crisis. Also, responsible for the set up and leadership of various stations (e.g. lost & found, special requests, housing team, etc.) following a crisis or emergency
Meeting Frequency: Once per semester, then as needed if a crisis occurs Number of Student Appointees: Five Requirements & Misc. Information: Must be dependable, willing to work long hours following a crisis. Able to function with little direction.

Information Technology Committee

Serves to resolve problems and ideas concerning information services operations and resources. Makes recommendations for information services and resource improvements to advance University teaching, learning, operating, administrative outcomes. Provides guidance in the planning and development of the University's Technology Master Plan.
Meeting Frequency: Monthly
Number of Student Appointees: One Undergrad; One Grad Student
Requirements & Misc. Information: Requires participation in web-based outside discussions

Judicial Appeals Committee

Per the university's judicial appeals process and with a philosophy of discipline that is redemptive and restorative in nature, the Judicial Appeals Committee serves as the final appellate body for the university's judicial system. The committee hears cases when students believe that previous treatment was unjust, all of the facts in the situation were not taken into consideration or the action taken was too severe for the behavior involved. The overarching goal of the committee is to encourage thought and action while promoting greater commitment to Jesus Christ and promoting healthy habits for lifelong learning.
Meeting Frequency: Infrequent, as needed
Number of Student Appointees: Two (one male, one female)
Requirements & Misc. Information: Requires objectivity and strict confidentiality

Library Committee

Advises the Director of Library Services concerning library policies, practices and purchases
Meeting Frequency: Monthly
Number of Student Appointees: Two undergrad; One grad student
Requirements & Misc. Information: Undergrad students may not be library student workers

Lyceum Committee

Responsible for planning and recommending events of cultural enrichment, arranging approved events and hosting guests.
Meeting Frequency: Monthly
Number of Student Appointees: Two

Residence Life

Evaluating appeals made by students requesting to live off-campus as well as providing insight and direction about decisions affective Residence Life and Res Life policies
Meeting Frequency: 1-2 times per semester
Number of Student Appointees: Two

Student Services

Approving body for new student organizations; Suggests revisions to the Student Handbook; Serves as a liaison between faculty, administration and the student body on issues concerning student satisfaction, success, and campus engagement. Serves as a committee to which problems and questions may be brought by students, faculty and other officers of the institution.
Meeting Frequency: Approximately twice per semester; some information is communicating via email due to the timing of decisions
Number of Student Appointees: Two
Requirements & Misc. Information: Requires critical thinking and decision making that will affect many students

Student Financial Aid

Reviews and recommends policies and procedures for awarding financial aid. Serves as an appeal panel for students who desire to appeal their financial aid awards or whose GPA does not meet the required level.
Meeting Frequency:
Number of Student Appointees: One

Teacher Education

Responsible for setting teacher education goals, establishing policies, approving new teacher education programs, fixing responsibility for program decision making, identifying and using resources, facilitating continuous development and improvement of the teacher education programs.
Meeting Frequency: Monthly
Number of Student Appointees: Two
Requirements & Misc. Information: Appointees should be education majors not yet involved in student teaching

University Curriculum

Responsible for considering which courses should comprise the requirements of the various programs of study within the university.
Meeting Frequency: Monthly
Number of Student Appointees: Two
Requirements & Misc. Information: Involves considerable reading and critical thinking

If you are interested in serving on one of these committees, please complete this application. Applications should be turned in to Karen Taylor (UU Box 1806) by April 29th. Students who are appointed to serve will be notified by May 5, 2015. Please remember that most committees only request two students, so not all who apply will be appointed.

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