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The Judicial Process

The purpose of the Values Violation Process is to give fundamental fairness and consistency to a student who has possibly violated a Union University Value. A student who has been charged with a values violation and thus alleged to be involved in an inappropriate behavior will be granted these rights in the judicial process.

  1. Any student, faculty, staff, parent or guest may present an oral or written report (incident report form) of the facts as they know them regarding the alleged violation.
  2. This report is referred to the Assistant Dean of Students, Residence Director, or Program Chair. If there is substantial evidence to support the alleged violation, he/she will arrange a meeting with the student. In the case of allegations of academic dishonesty or grade appeals, the faculty member, chair and/or Dean of the school will arrange a meeting with the student. Please refer to the Academic Grievance Policy for the process regarding any academic violation allegations or grade appeals. (See the "Grievance Procedures (Academic)" section of this handbook.)
  3. The student will receive written or verbal notification from the Assistant Dean of Students, Residence Director, or Program Chair that there is an alleged judicial violation and meeting. Failure by the student to appear for a scheduled meeting of which he/she had been officially notified will necessitate a decision be made by the University without the student's input. A summons to a judicial meeting takes precedence over any University class or activity.
  4. Subsequent to the meeting, the degree of involvement will be established and a sanction will be given.
  5. The student will receive written notification outlining the findings of the judicial meeting, value(s) violations, and any assigned sanctions. Faculty advisors (and if applicable, coaches and the athletic director) will be copied on all judicial letters.
  6. Any student has the right to appeal the decision of any disciplinary meeting if the student believes the treatment received was unjust, all the facts in the situation were not taken into consideration or the action taken was too severe for the behavior involved.
  7. Registration for subsequent terms or the conferral of academic degrees may be withheld and a student who may be in a position of leadership will be asked to temporarily step down from that position until the resolution of allegations of values violations has been resolved.

Students' Rights

  1. Procedures. The student will be informed verbally or in writing of the judicial process. Access to the judicial process is detailed in the Campus Life Handbook given to all traditional undergraduate students. For adult and graduate students, the handbook can be accessed online at www.uu.edu/studentservices/handbook.
  2. Meeting. Depending on the type of violation, the student will be heard by the Residence Director, Assistant Dean of Students, faculty member, Chair, Program Director or Academic Dean. Depending on the nature of the violation, appeals will be considered by the Assistant Dean of Students, Program Director, Chair, Academic Dean of the school or college, Faculty/student judicial appeals committee, the adult/graduate appeals committee, or Associate Provost. The procedure for addressing academic violations is found in the "Grievance Procedures" section of this handbook.
  3. Evidence. The student will be informed of all the evidence connecting him/her to the alleged values violation.
  4. Testimony. The student may offer personal testimony or decline to testify against oneself, and request permission to bring personal witnesses to the meeting.
  5. Counsel. The student may request to bring a personal witness to the meeting in the role of friend, advisor, and counselor.
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