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How to Request Accommodations

  1. If you are currently registered for classes at Union University, you can request accommodations online through the Union Portal. For more information on how to secure your UU email and password, please visit the Information Technology website. After filling out the online application and uploading your medical documentation, you will continue with step 3 of the accommodation process.
  2. Prospective Students seeking to start the request process for accommodations before officially registering for classes can fill out and submit the paper application forms. The accommodation process cannot be finalized until a student is registered for classes. To begin the process of requesting accommodations from Union University on the basis of a diagnosed disability, please complete the Request for Reasonable Accommodations form (.pdf) and the Release of Information Consent form (.pdf). Medical documentation verifying a disability must be submitted, reviewed, and approved before accommodations can be finalized. For more information on what medical documents are required, please read through our Documentation Guidelines. Students are encouraged to submit documentation for review as soon as possible to ensure the process can be completed in a timely manner. Application and documentation materials can be submitted to the Director, Jon Abernathy, electronically at jabernathy@uu.edu, faxed to (731) 661-5187 attn. Jon Abernathy, or mailed to:
    Union University
    Office for Disability Services
    Attn: Jon Abernathy
    Box: 1806
    1050 Union University Dr.
    Jackson, TN 38305-3697
  3. Once the initial accommodation request form and appropriate documentation have been received, the Director will contact the student to set up an intake meeting. Intake meetings focus on discovering the student's needs, the impact of the disability, and supportive actions. Intake meetings can be held over the phone if needed, though a face-to-face interview is preferred.
  4. The Director of the Office of Disability Services will then contact medical professionals to verify that the student is a patient and gather any other needed information. After verifying and reviewing the medical documentation, the director will make a decision on the accommodations that are approved for the student. The student will then be contacted via email and phone to notify him or her of the final accommodations provided through the university. A student can request additional accommodations if he/she feels that the approved accommodations are not adequate.
  5. The Director will email the student an electronic version of the letter of accommodation. Once the student has the official accommodation letter, he or she is able to contact instructors via email with the letter of accommodation attached. The Office for Disability Services provides a template to assist students in writing instructors concerning their disability and can also assist in providing email address of instructors.
  6. The accommodation letters should be emailed by the student to each instructor. Accommodations do not become effective until the instructor receives the accommodation letter. (Note: We recommend that students establish contact with each instructor at the beginning of each semester to present and discuss accommodations. This initial contact creates an opportunity for discussion between the student and the instructor.)
  7. At the beginning of every semester, students approved for reasonable accommodations will need to request a current Letter of Accommodation, from the Director, to deliver to instructors. Students will be emailed a reminder at the beginning of each semester.
  8. After the accommodations are approved, the Director will set up a brief meeting with the student to go over key policies, procedures, and paperwork.

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