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Student Organizations Policies

Union University hosts over sixty active student organizations for students. Organizations cover a wide range of interests and/or areas of study. Involvement in student organizations is one of the best ways to get involved at Union and meet others who share similar interests.

To view a list of the active campus organizations, please visit: www.uu.edu/studentservices/organizations

For more information on an individual organization, please contact the President or Faculty/Staff Advisor listed on the campus organization list.

Below are the policies, guidelines and procedures for student organizations on Union University's campus. For more information on any of these policies, please contact the Office of Student Leadership & Engagement.

Campus Reservations

All student organization events must be placed on the official university calendar by contacting Mrs. Tina Netland. She can be contacted by e-mail at tnetland@uu.edu or by phone at 731.661.5090. Her office is located in the Barefoot Student Union Building. Any event that is planned on campus or off-campus and is an official university related event MUST be on the university calendar.

Once an organization event is approved and scheduled, campus meeting space should be scheduled with Mrs. Tina Netland (tnetland@uu.edu or 731.661.5090). Keep in mind the number of people who will attend the event along with the type of space that will be needed. All space on campus may be used free of charge, except for the Carl Grant Events Center (See policy below).

You can reserve a room in the Bowld Commons by visiting the Residence Life Reservation Website.

After you have reserved your room online, be sure to notify Mrs. Tina Netland (tnetland@uu.edu or 731.661.5090) so that it will be on the university calendar.

Campus Traditions

Union is a very busy place! Student organizations should be aware of current campus events and traditions when planning events. We also encourage student organizations to consider making an existing event better by their involvement, leadership and participation rather than creating new events. Review a brief list of current student life traditions. For the full campus calendar, review www.uu.edu/events and contact Tina Netland to be sure your event is on the UU events calendar.

Carl Grant Events Center

All student organizations must pay the Carl Grant Event Center's reservation rate to use the Grant Center. Please contact Nikki Castles at ncastles@uu.edu or 731.661.5909 for availability and pricing details.

Chaperone Policy

University Representatives are to be present at all on-campus and off-campus social events. They are responsible for any crisis or emergency that may arise. They are also to see that all students abide by University regulations as stated in the Campus Life Handbook, and that the event ends on time and everything is left in good order. Because all student groups, whether on-campus or off-campus, represent Union University, they should model themselves in a manner consistent with the mission and purpose of Union University. University Representatives simply serve as persons of accountability to remind students of their obligation to the University. Failure to abide by the policies governing social events could result in cancellation of the event and even more serious social restrictions. The entire sponsoring organization will be held responsible for following the approval process.

The number of University Reps required will be determined by the Office of Student Leadership & Engagement and will depend on the nature of the event. The person in charge of the social or trip is responsible for making arrangements for the proper number of University reps. This person should check with the Office of Student Leadership & Engagement. Organizations should secure their University Reps at least one week prior to the event.


Ennouncements may be submitted to Tina Netland in the Office of the Dean of Students. Send edited and ready to publish announcements to tnetland@uu.edu before Friday at noon for the following Monday's publication. E-nnouncements are sent to all students, faculty, staff, and parents who have signed up to receive the weekly announcements. This is the official way to email all students, faculty, and staff with information about your organization/event. In addition to ennouncements, organizations may also find it helpful to create a facebook event to advertise to students.

Event Planning

Before planning an event (party, conference, etc.), campus organizations must obtain approval for the event through the Office of Student Leadership & Engagement (jcastles@uu.edu or ktaylor@uu.edu). (Some events may require further approval from the Dean of Students).

An official university event may be defined as any event in which any or all of the following criteria is met:

Under some circumstances, other organization events that do not meet this criteria may be considered a University-related event.

Approval for an event must be submitted to the Office of Student Leadership & Engagement no later than one full week prior to the proposed event and prior to any advertising for the event on campus or via social media (e.g. Facebook event). Students wishing to request approval must complete the following form.

Union University Campus Approval Event Form

General Policies regarding Events:

Financial Policies/Contracts

No student (including student leaders) should ever represent themselves as an agent of the University on any contractual agreement, purchase, or obligation. Contractual agreements, purchases, and obligations made on behalf of the University should only be executed by the Director or Associate Director of Student Leadership & Engagement or the Dean of Students.

Catering Policy

Food purchased by Union University organizations/offices for an on-campus event must be purchased through Union University Dining Services/Aramark unless prior approval is granted through the Director of Aramark. Students or organizations wishing to begin the process of requesting approval must do so by first contacting the Office of Student Leadership & Engagement.

Event Travel Documentation/Ounce of Prevention

The University expects common sense safety when traveling on an official student organization/university trip off campus. All students are expected to abide by the following guidelines:

Event Marketing/Flyers/Announcements/Digital Signage

Forming a New Student Organization

Students wishing to form a new organization should:

Completed applications should be submitted electronically to the Office of Student Leadership & Engagement via e-mail to Jason Castles (jcastles@uu.edu) or Karen Taylor (ktaylor@uu.edu).

Applications submitted after April 15 will not be reviewed until the following fall semester.

Once your new student organization is approved, a representative from your committee will be notified by the SGA President through a formal letter.

Two representatives from your organization will be required to attend all Senate meetings each semester.

If a new student organization is approved by the Student Services Committee and Dean of Students and is deemed to be high risk, members and participants of the organization may be required to sign a travel/event form each semester prior to participation. These forms will be kept on file in the Office of Student Leadership & Engagement.

Funding for Student Organizations

To receive SGA funds, student organizations must submit appropriation bills that explain how funds are to be used. These bills must be approved by the Student Senate. Organizations must have active Senators before they may request funds.

The largest amount an organization may receive during the Academic year is $200.00. Groups do not receive a check for the amount approved; instead they are reimbursed up to the amount of their allocation. View examples of such legislation. Student organizations will be reimbursed up to the amount approved by the Senate. Submit recipes to the SGA treasurer, or Jason Castles, SGA Advisor. Please allow three days to receive your reimbursement.

Fundraising and Donation Drive Guidelines

All solicitations should be approved by the Office of Student Leadership & Engagement and the Office of University Relations before any solicitation takes place. Only official student organizations, academic departments or groups registered for an upcoming Union University GO Trip will be approved to raise money. (For additional information on fundraising for an official Union University GO Trip, please see the Global Outreach Program Support Raising Policy. The University does not approve individual fundraisers. The Office of Student Leadership & Engagement and the Office of University Relations reserve the right to approve both who can be solicited as well as the type of solicitation.

The Office of Student Leadership & Engagement and the Office of University Relations desires that every donor and potential donor be treated with the utmost of care and professionalism. Positive relationship management, based on Union's four core values, is the necessary foundation for fruitful gift solicitations.

Solicitation/Relationship Management

Because fundraising is an important (and sometimes essential) responsibility for some student organizations, it is important that organizations participating in fundraising be energetic, creative and enthusiastic in their endeavors. Below are a few tips in carrying out successful fundraising campaigns.

Financial Integrity

Fundraising Suggestions

The following fundraising ideas are just suggestions for possible opportunities for your organization. Your organization is also encouraged to develop other ideas for fundraising.


These policies and procedures have been created to help assist you in making your fundraiser a success. Failure to comply with these could result in:

Donation Drives

All donation drives should be approved by the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement prior to hosting a drive. Only official student organizations, academic departments, or groups registered for an upcoming Union University GO Trip will be approved to host a drive. Please contact the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement (jcastles@uu.edu or ktaylor@uu.edu) with information pertaining to your specific drive. Please include how many boxes you would like to place on campus and the locations. Please include what the drive is for (i.e. who it will benefit) and the duration of the drive. Typically, a two-week period is approved per drive, but the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement can make exceptions if notified. Please be sure to remove all marketing and boxes upon the completion of the drive.


Hazing in any form is prohibited by Union University and Tennessee Law. This regulation also governs off-campus initiation activities. Hazing is to be interpreted as any activity that endangers the physical safety of a person, produces mental or physical discomfort, causes embarrassment, fright, humiliation or ridicule, or degrades the individual—whether it is intentional or unintentional. It is defined as doing any act or coercing another to do any act of initiation of a student into an organization that causes or creates a substantial risk bringing mental, emotional, or physical harm to a person. Hazing is also any act that injures, degrades, harasses, or disgraces any person. It is understood as any forced or required intentional or negligent action, situation, or activity that recklessly places any person at risk of physical injury, mental distress or personal indignity. All initiation activities are subject to the approval of the Dean of Students. Violators will also be subject to state fines and/or imprisonment. For more information concerning hazing and alternatives to hazing please see the Hazing Brochure.

Mailroom Posting Policy

  1. Approved student organizations and Union departments may stuff Union PO boxes from 1:00 - 4:00 pm on Monday through Friday. Union has 1750 student boxes and 400 faculty/staff boxes.
  2. Materials being stuffed into boxes must be approved by the Dean of Students and be related to Union University or the student organization. (Stated differently, the organization or department cannot sign up to stuff materials related to an outside vendor or business.)
  3. Approved student organizations and Union Departments must sign up in the post office for a specific time to stuff mailboxes, listing their information and what will be distributed. This helps prevent congestion in the post office.
  4. Off-campus organizations/businesses requesting a post office stuffing must receive approval from the Dean of Students. Approvals will be based on the organization's support of Union's core values, whether the flyer contains a special discount offered to the Union community, and the number of recent solicitations.
  5. The Dean of Students may request alternate methods of communication rather than posting (e.g. flyers placed on select bulletin boards.) Furthermore, if businesses are approved for stuffing, they are required to pay a $30 fee for the Post Office staff to stuff their approved material.

Media Reservations

Only organizations classified as "active" by the Student Government Association will be eligible to access Media Services. If your organization would like to check out AV equipment from ITCM, please complete a check-out form in their office (located in the D-Hallway of the Penick Academic Complex). ITCM requires a $50 deposit in the form of a check to borrow equipment (the check can either be an organization or personal check). The full deposit is returned to the borrower if the equipment is returned on time.

Movie Policy (Federal Guidelines for Showing Films)

Any individual or institution wishing to show a movie, whether it is for church, entertainment, or other public events, must obtain the proper permission from the company where the film was made. If you have attended Union events that have shown films for a large audience, a license or special permission has been obtained through companies which work directly with the film agencies in order to manage the distributing of licenses. Any large screen movie, regardless of admission policies (i.e. even if the movie is free to viewers), must be shown with the license rights or specific permission. These licenses can be expensive (usually around $300-$600 per film) and are limited to a certain time and date. Stated differently, your $3 to rent the DVD at Blockbuster doesn't cover us here if shown to large groups in a non-residential setting.

For more information, visit www.mplc.com or http://www.swank.com/college/copyright.html.

Organization Twitter & Facebook Accounts

Union faculty, staff, or student leaders who have administrative control of Facebook, Twitter or other social media accounts related to a Union University Department, Program, or Organization (e.g. Barefoots Joe, SGA, SAC, Cardinal & Cream, etc.) must share administrative control or passwords with another faculty or staff within that department. Postings related to a Union University Department, Program, or Organization must always reflect Union University's mission and core values.


Material can be copied and printed for a nominal cost in University Services located in the Student Union Building. Please give one week's notice to have an item printed or copied. If your organization has an official account with the university, you may charge your copies. If not, please be prepared to pay cash. Submit materials via e-mail to printing@uu.edu.

All university recognized organizations will be allowed 200 free prints per semester for the organization. If your organization would like to print material from a printer located on campus, we encourage the campus organization to identify someone who will do the most printing (posters, flyers, etc.) This representative may pick up the free printing cards for the organization in the Office of Student Leadership & Engagement (located in the back of the Spiritual Life Suite). Your organization may also purchase extra copy cards with organizational funds beyond your free prints. If paying by cash, organizations may purchase extra copy cards at the Union Station or the Library. If your organization has a university account and wishes to have extra copy cards charged to the account, these cards must be purchased through the Office of Student Leadership & Engagement. For more information on the printing policy at Union, please visit http://printing.uu.edu.

Political Activities Sponsored by Faculty, Staff or Student Organizations

(Events initiated by a politician or an external political organization taking place at the Grant Center or other rented locations have separate guidelines. Please see Tina Netland tnetland@uu.edu for guidelines when inquiring about hosting an event on campus.)

Introduction and Guiding Philosophy

Approval Process





Safety & Security

Politician or Political Organization behavioral guidelines while a Guest of Union University

Politicians or Political Organizations as classroom guests

Student Organization Presidents & Advisors

As organization presidents and advisors, individuals have an added layer of responsibility within the organization. Each president and advisor will be required to read and sign the organization policies and procedures annually or with any change in leadership.

Student Organization Rosters

Each organization must submit an accurate and up-to-date organization roster to the Office of Student Leadership & Engagement at the beginning of each semester. If a student quits or drops an organization anytime during the semester, the organization president or secretary should notify the Office of Student Leadership & Engagement within one week.

Travel/Event Forms

An official Union University release form must be signed by Union University students, faculty and staff each time they are involved in any of the following:

Travel/Event forms may be picked up in the Office of Student Leadership & Engagement or downloaded here. In order to save paper, all members of the organization may sign the back of the release form, print their name, id number and date. Release forms must be return to the Office of Student Leadership & Engagement within 2 business days of the event. Participants are requested to carry travel/event form information on the trip including emergency contact information.

If a new student organization is approved by the Student Services Committee and Dean of Students and deemed to be more high risk, members and participants of the organization may be required to sign a waiver & release form each semester prior to participation. These forms will be kept on file in the Office of Student Leadership & Engagement.

T-shirt Policy

Student organizations must have all t-shirts designed for their members approved by the Office of Student Leadership & Engagement, including t-shirts that do not reference Union University. In addition, we recommend that organizations purchase from vendors who can assure free trade or "Made in the USA" shirts. Often the cost is the same, or if slightly higher, the organization can be assured of the integrity of the product. Please see the office of Student Leadership & Engagement for vendor recommendations.

Van Reservation Policy

Union University offers a limited number of vans for University use. Students who drive University vans must first pass a driver's test administered through the Office of Safety & Security.

For more information about the requirements to reserve a van, please see Van Policy and Student Driving Information.

University Logo Usage Guidelines

When designing T-shirts or other promotional materials that utilize the University crest or logo, please follow these guidelines. All designs must be submitted to the Office of Student Leadership & Engagement (jcastles@uu.edu or ktaylor@uu.edu) for approval prior to production.

Upcoming SGA Events
Upcoming Leadership Program Events
Upcoming SAC Events
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