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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is Residence Life at Union?

The Residence Life experience at Union University offers many opportunities to develop in faith, learning, and life. Residence Life is a unique blend of top rate residence facilities and a Christ-centered, people-focused community. While academics are the priority, we understand that students' experiences outside the classroom are also significant to their development in college.

The Residence Life team is focused on providing a cohesive living-learning experience, and each team member is committed to serving students. The Residence Directors (RDs) and Assistant Residence Directors (ARDs) live on-campus in the residence complexes and are regularly available to students. Each RD and ARD focuses on a designated group of residential students and leads a team of Resident Advisors. The Resident Advisors (RAs) are student leaders who are chosen to invest in their peers through relationships and programming.

What are RDs, ARDs and RAs?

A Residence Director (RD) is a professional staff member who lives on campus in the Residence Complex and plays an essential role on the Student Life team. Each RD supervises a complex of residential students and leads a team of Resident Advisors (RAs), student paraprofessional staff who are available to their residents.

Assistant Residence Directors (ARD) provide support to the RDs focusing on creating and maintaining a culture among the residential student body through relationships and programming.

The purpose of a RA is to serve as a peer resource, role model, counselor, and friend who encourages resident student development and community life consistent with the mission and policies of Union University.

Are Union students required to live on campus?

Union University is a residential campus that requires all unmarried, full-time, undergraduate students to live on-campus. The residential experience is a valuable part of a student's education. It provides students with unique opportunities in the areas of educational, social, cultural, spiritual and service-oriented development.

Students who wish to live off-campus must be in good standing with the University and the Office of Student Services, meet one of the following qualifications, and complete an Off Campus Request form (available on our website, under the Resources tab):

  • I have completed 86 credit hours prior to the first day of the Fall semester.
  • I will be at least 22 years old as of the first day of the Fall semester for which I am requesting to live off-campus.
  • I am getting married before the semester begins.
  • I am a part-time student taking less than 12 hours this semester.
  • I have a rare, extreme health condition, and my doctor has written a letter on his office letterhead strongly recommending that I live off-campus.
  • I have completed four full-time semesters at a different university (New Students Only). I do not meet any of the above qualifications to move off-campus.
  • I will be living at home with my parent(s) or guardian within a 40-mile radius of Union University. My parent(s) or guardian will verify I will be commuting from home.

All Off-Campus Requests forms should be submitted to the Office of Residence Life by midnight on Sunday, April 10th. If a request is submitted after Sunday, April 10th, students who are approved to move off campus will forfeit their $100 housing deposit. If the request is submitted after June 10th, students who are approved to move off campus will forfeit their $100 housing deposit and be assessed a $150 late fee. No off campus requests will be considered for approval after August 1.

May I request a Residence Complex?

Yes. Students are welcome to request a desired complex. Due to limited space available, freshmen are placed in housing based on the date of their Housing Deposit. Transfer students will be placed in the Quads or with students of like age or college classification, unless they request otherwise. Residence Directors place returning students in the Quads, unless otherwise notified.

The residential experience at Union has been designed to foster community among groups of students. Freshmen live primarily in Heritage Residence Complex, where the programming and training is focused on first year experience. A portion of the freshmen will live in the Ayers Quad due to limited space available. Upperclassmen live primarily in the Quads.

What should I do if I live off campus but would like to move on campus?

Housing Sign-up forms are available at the Commons or the Office of Residence Life in the Barefoot Student Union Building. Housing sign-ups are generally toward the end of the spring semester.

If you are interested in moving on campus before the next academic year begins, contact the Office of Residence Life. We will be aware of any vacancies on campus and can connect you with the appropriate Residence Director at that time.

What is the cost of housing this year?

For a complete list of tuition and housing costs, please see the tuition and fees link on the Resources page of the Residence Life website.

Are residential students required to have a meal plan?

Yes, all residential students will be assigned a 100 meal plan. View the current meal plan prices.

I will have a scholarship to cover my housing expenses. Do I still need to pay a housing deposit?

Yes, all students are required to pay the $100 housing deposit prior to being placed in University housing. You can pay your deposit through Undergraduate Admissions at 731.661.5100 or by mailing your payment to 1050 Union University Drive, UU 1816, Jackson, TN 38305.

Should I get insurance for my personal belongings?

Before moving on campus, please take note that Union University's property insurance will not cover students' personal property. Union strongly recommends that students obtain renter's insurance. Students should check their parents' homeowner's insurance as it sometimes covers students' property while at college.

May I return to campus early after breaks?

Students may return early from the summer and January breaks for an early arrival fee of $50, plus a $15 charge for each night you will be on campus prior to the complex opening for regular operation.

There is no charge for students who are returning early for University purposes. Faculty and staff are responsible for submitting the names of all students in their groups at least two weeks prior to their return on the Early Arrival form (found on the Resources tab of the Residence Life website).

Who do I contact about a room change?

Each student signed a Housing Contract upon entering University housing. This is a legal and binding contract stating the rights and responsibilities of the University and the student responsibilities for the full-academic year. Therefore, students will be held to the Housing Contract and will not be able to make changes to their housing assignment or move rooms after housing signup or at a semester break unless approved by the Director of Residence Life.

If a student would like to discuss the possibility of changing rooms because of roommate conflict, please contact your RD after you have made an effort to resolve the situation among your roommates.

Are laundry facilities available on campus?

Each of the apartments in the Quads Residence Complexes and Warmath Residence Complex is equipped with a washer/ dryer unit. Students living in Heritage Residence Complex have accessibility to laundry facilities in McAfee Commons as well as the Warmath Laundry facility.

Where is the Post Office on campus located?

The University's Post Office is located in the Barefoot Student Union Building across from the Campus Ministries Office. It is easily accessible from the parking lot located between the SUB and the Grace Quad. The Post Office is open Monday-Friday from 8:30am- 4pm.

What is the mailing address of a student living on campus?

Each residential student will receive a box in the mail room during Focus Orientation, at this time their address will be the following:

Student's Name
Box ______
1050 Union University Dr.
Jackson, TN 38305

Is parking accessible for all residential students?

There is ample parking for residential students. There are three main parking lots near the Residence Complexes: one to the West of the Quads on Walker Road, another connects the Quads and Heritage Complexes, and the last is to the East of Heritage Residence Complex.

For additional information about parking on campus, please refer to the Safety & Security website.

Where can I get a parking permit?

Parking permits are issued for incoming students during Focus Orientation upon arriving at the University. However, parking permits can be obtained at any time from the Safety and Security Office located in the Barefoot Student Union Building (SUB).

What is Focus week?

Focus week is Union's New Student Orientation that helps new students learn about the Union community and get acclimated to campus life. New students (including freshmen and residential transfers) arrive on campus a few days prior to returning students. During this time they participate in helpful and entertaining sessions.

For more information about Focus week, please refer to the New Student Orientation website.

What should I do if I get sick?

The Health Services clinic is located in the Barefoot Student Union Building and is equipped to assist students with minor illnesses and injuries. For more information regarding services, please see the Health Services website.

During fall and spring semesters, the Clinic is open Monday- Friday from 8:00 am- 11:45 am and 1:00 pm- 4:00 pm (when classes are in session). The clinic is closed on Fridays between 10:00 am- 11:00 am for chapel. Summer and January term hours will be posted at the Health Clinic during those terms.

Students can also contact their RD or RA so they may check on them during their illness if necessary and assist them by bringing meals from the Dining Hall.

Moving In Questions

What is provided in the apartments and bedrooms?

For a complete list of the furniture and appliances provided in Heritage Residence Complex and the Quads Residence Complexes, please refer to "General Information & What to Bring."

What should I bring?

  • Bedding for an extra-long twin-sized mattress. If you will live in Heritage Residence Complex (with the exception of Dodd and Grey), please note that beds are approximately 17" off the floor and 3 of the 4 corners of the bed are against a wall or desk. If you live in the Quads, your bed can be raised or lowered and can be arranged against any wall.
  • Computer
  • TV
  • DVD player
  • Telephone (only students living in Heritage)
  • General supplies: toilet paper, vacuum, broom, mop, cleaning supplies, wastebaskets, laundry detergent, dishes, pots and pans, iron and ironing board, flashlight, small first aid kit, weather radio, etc.
  • Appliances: toaster (or toaster oven), cutting board, coffee maker, blender, etc.
    • Students living in Heritage will need to bring a microwave. Microwaves are provided in The Quads.
  • Decorations: View the measurements (windows, closets, and storage space) for your building. Please use a size 4 finishing nail (or smaller) to hang décor on your walls. No screws, putty or tape should be used on the walls at any time.
  • Please note: The showers in The Quads are standing showers, which are shorter in length than a tub. If you prefer to bring a decorative shower curtain, a standard sized curtain will work well. (A plastic shower curtain will be provided in all apartments.)

What items are prohibited?

  • Pets of any kind (including fish)
  • Candles, incense, candle warmers
  • Firearms, weapons, air-soft guns, paintball guns, sling shots, fireworks, water balloons
  • Deep fryers
  • Tobacco of any kind, hookah pipes
  • Alcohol or illegal substances of any kind
  • Immodest clothing
  • Halogen lamps
  • Screws, large nails or anything that would puncture the walls (size 4 nails are to be used)

For more information please refer to the Residence Life section of the Campus Life Handbook.

Can residential students have pets?

Pets and other animals (including fish) are not permitted within the residence complexes for any reason, even temporarily. This includes pets of visiting family or friends.

May I decorate my room?

Absolutely! The University's apartments and bedrooms may be decorated within University guidelines and in such a way that reflects Union's five Community Values: worth of each individual, self-discipline, personal integrity, respect for community authority, and respect for property and the environment. The following are a few guidelines that enable students to personalize their apartments, while at the same time avoiding any damage to the apartment. Any questions about appropriate décor may be directed to reslife@uu.edu.

  • Curtains are welcome. All curtains and shower curtains must be hung with tension rods. Union provides venetian blinds for all windows in the residence complexes. You can view the measurements for your building at www.uu.edu/studentservices/residencelife.
  • Picture frames and other wall décor can be hung with size 4 finishing nail or smaller. No screws, putty or tape should be used on the walls at any time.
  • Each apartment is fully furnished, but if you would like to bring additional furniture you are welcome to do so. Additional furniture is limited to a table and chairs, one living room chair, and an entertainment center. Please note that none of the Union furniture may be taken out of the apartment at any time. City fire codes demand easy entrance/exit to the apartment. For a complete list of furniture provided in the apartments, please see "General Information & What to Bring" on the Residence Life Website.
  • Apartment walls may not be painted or wallpapered.
  • Drawers may be lined with non-sticky drawer liner, although counter tops and desks are not to be covered in contact paper.
  • Candles, incense, halogen lamps, and live Christmas trees/ garland are prohibited due to fire hazard.
  • Road signs, business signs, and permanent decals are not to be placed anywhere in the apartment.

How big is my apartment? my bedroom?

For measurements of your bedroom, bedroom and living room windows, closet, and storage, please refer to "Measurements for Heritage Residence Complex and The Quads".

Is the furniture moveable?

All furniture in the Quads, Warmath, and Dodd and Grey in Heritage is freestanding and moveable.

Bedroom furniture (bed, desk, shelves, and closet) in Heritage Residence Complex is built into the room (with the exception of Dodd and Grey). The four-drawer chests are freestanding in all apartments in Heritage.

What size are the beds?

All beds and mattresses on campus are the extra-long twin size (80").

Do the Residence Complexes have WiFi?

All main buildings, including residential building, on Union's campus are equipped with WiFi. Each bedroom is also equipped with an internet port if you prefer to use the land line to connect.

Will I have cable television in my apartment?

Yes! Each apartment is equipped with cable in the living room, as well as with cable in the individual bedroom.

Will I have telephone service in my bedroom?

There are no phone lines in any residential apartments.

How can I make a long distance phone call?

Students may use a calling card to place a long distance phone call from the Commons.

How do I connect to the campus computer system and what services are provided?

If you have a laptop, you will be able to connect to Union's wireless network (UU_Wireless) in any of the major buildings on campus, including the Residence Complexes. If you have a desktop computer, you can use an Ethernet cable in your bedroom to plug into the internet and Union's network.

Where can I keep my bicycle?

There are bike racks near each residential building on campus, as well as the main entrances of each academic and administrative building. During holiday breaks, students are responsible for storing their bikes appropriately. If any bikes are left on campus after May graduation they become Union property.

Policy Questions

Is smoking allowed on campus?

Union University is a smoke-free campus. Use of tobacco in any form is prohibited on all of Union's campus.

What are "open visitation hours" and when are they?

Open visitation hours are the times in which male and female students are able to be in the apartment of the opposite gender. Mixed gender visitation is not allowed at any time during the week, only the hours indicated below.

Open visitation hours are Friday 2pm-10pm, Saturday 2pm-10pm, and Sunday 12pm- 6pm.

What is the drug/alcohol policy?

The purchase, possession, use, or distribution of alcoholic beverages, drug paraphernalia, or any substance of abuse is prohibited on and off campus, except under the direction of a licensed physician.

For more specific information about the drug and alcohol policies and sanctions, please refer to the Campus Life Handbook.

Is there a dress code?

Union students are expected to maintain a standard of dress which ensures neatness, cleanliness, and appropriateness of attire. In their dress, as in their behavior, students are expected to reflect the marks of educated and mature Christ-centered individuals.

For more specific information regarding the dress code, please refer to the Campus Life Handbook.

May residential students have overnight visitors?

Students may have visitors of the same gender stay overnight after they have signed in at the Commons. All overnight visitors must be over 12 years of age. In all situations, we ask that students be considerate of roommates when having an overnight guest.

Roommate Questions

How are roommates assigned?

After you complete the Residence Life Application, the Office of Residence Life compiles your information, noting the date of your housing deposit, and the Residence Directors follow a prayerful process of roommate matching. We believe your roommates can play a significant role in your college experience, so we make our best effort to place you with students that have similar hobbies and interests.

May I choose my roommates?

New students may put the names of up to three students they would prefer to live with on the Residence Life Application. We will make every effort to grant your request, however requests cannot be guaranteed. If you do not have specific roommates in mind, the Residence Directors will prayerfully consider which roommate would be a good fit for you as they place students.

Returning students may sign up for housing with their preferred roommates. Housing Sign-Ups generally take place at the end of spring semester, following registration for fall classes.

When will I find out who my roommates are?

New Students will receive their housing assignment information (including roommates) on New Student Registration Day, which takes place each June.

Returning students will receive confirmation of their housing assignment via UU email by the end of June.

How should I resolve a roommate conflict?

We encourage students to use thoughtful and grace-filled communication in all situations, but if further assistance is needed, the Resident Advisors and Residence Directors are available to help. If you would like to make an appointment with your RD, feel free to email them or call their office numbers. Their contact information can be found on the Staff page of the Residence Life website.

Parent Questions

How can I send flowers to my student?

Flowers may be sent to the commons within a student’s complex. McAfee Commons opens daily at 11am and the Bowld Student Commons opens each morning at 8am. Upon delivery of the flowers to the commons, the RA at the front desk will contact the student and notify them to pick up their delivery!

When can parents visit their students' apartments?

Parents are welcome to visit their student's apartments! Please be sure to sign in at the Commons if you are visiting during the week or outside of open visitation hours. Also, please be sure your students' roommates are aware of your visit, especially if the visiting parent is of the opposite sex.

Who should my parents call in case of emergency?

During office hours (M-F, 8am-4:30pm), parents or guardians of residential students can contact the Office of Residence Life in the event of a personal emergency situation at 731.661.5432. For non-residential students, parents or guardians may contact the Dean of Students at 731.661.5090.

After office hours, parents may call the Safety and Security 24 hour cell phone at 731.394.2922.

Maintenance Questions

Who do I call if I have a maintenance concern?

Please call the RA desk in McAfee Commons (extension 5054) to report any maintenance requests you may have. It generally takes less than one or two days to resolve the request, depending on the urgency of the situation.

What do I do if I lose my key?

If you lose your key, please go to the RA desk in the Commons to sign a Key Release form. Each roommate will have to sign this form at the RA desk before a new key can be issued. The charge for replacing one apartment key is $50. If the situation requires the locks to be replaced, there will be a total charge of $125.

Returning Student Housing Sign-ups

Where can I find information about housing sign-ups?

Each room on campus has been provided a Housing Procedures Brochure which details all upcoming housing sign up dates. RA’s will also distribute Fall Housing Sign-Up forms to each room after Spring Break. Fall Housing Sign-Up forms are due in either Commons by Friday, May 7th. When turning in housing forms, please make sure that each roommate has attached their Fall class schedule, then staple all forms together. Summer Housing Sign-Up forms can be found in either commons and are due by May 7th. For additional questions you may also contact your RD.

Do we need to have a full room to sign up for housing?

Students must be registered for Fall classes and sign up in groups of four to be guaranteed a Fall placement with their requested roommates.

How do I know if there are other individuals who need roommates?

Individuals looking for roommates may search "Union Roommate Matching" on Facebook for assistance with finding roommates. This facebook group will allow you to look through other student's discussion topics and create one of your own.

What if I have only have a group of three for housing sign ups?

Groups of 3 will first be paired with single individuals. As a result of the projected high occupancy trends, groups of 3 may need to be broken up to fill rooms to full capacity. Male groups of 3 may also consider living in the Warmath Complex (see here). Groups of 3 should not request for a transfer student to be placed with them. In order to help transfers transition into the University more smoothly, Residence Life seeks to place transfers with at least one other transfer student.

If I am in a group of 3 can I request to live in a handicap accessible room?

No, unless a student demonstrates the need for a handicap accessible room, all handicap rooms will be held for incoming students who require handicap capabilities. Any handicap accessible rooms that are not need for students who have a need for them will be filled later in the summer.

What happens if one of my roommates decides not to come back to Union or moves off campus?

If your group of 4 loses a member, your housing placement is no longer given preference, and you are in the same situation as other students who are in groups of three (see above). If you know of single students who have not been placed, you are welcome to ask them to join your apartment.

Three of my roommates are registered for classes, but one won’t be able to until after May 7th. Can we still live together?

You are welcome to submit your housing forms as a group of three, but you will not be placed until later in the summer. Once your fourth roommate registers for classes and notifies the Director of Residence Life you will be placed together.

What if I have a group of two for housing sign-ups?

Students who consist of only two roomates will most likely be placed with other students who are a pair, whether this is transfer or returning students. Groups of two will be placed after all groups of four are placed. Male groups of two may also consider living in the Warmath Complex (see here).

What if I am a single individual when signing up for housing?

Individuals who do not have roommates will most likely be placed with a group of 3. These students may also be paired up with another individual and then be placed with a pair. You may also contact your RD to see if they know of other students who are looking for a roommate.

What are the housing options if I live in Warmath?

Warmath Residence Complex is for groups of 3 upperclassman male students. Two students would share the larger bedroom and 1 student would occupy the smaller bedroom. This option is considered triple occupancy and therefore each roommate would be charged at the Heritage rate per semester.

The option described in this question only pertains to Warmath housing - it is not transferrable to another complex.

After I submitted my housing form, I decided that I’d rather live with some other people. How can I switch my room request?

In most cases, you will be unable to ask to live with different roommates. If you feel you have an extenuating circumstance, please contact reslife@uu.edu to explain your situation.

Can I live in Heritage if I am a returning student?

The Heritage Complex is designed to be a Freshman Year Experience for new students. Therefore, no returning students will be permitted to live in the Heritage Complex, unless they are living with a Resident Advisor.

When will I receive notification of my housing placement?

The Office of Residence Life will notify all returning students of their housing placement and roommates by the end of June. This notification will come to each student’s my.uu.edu email address.

I want to live with a friend who will start at Union in the Fall. How do I request to live with my freshman/transfer friend?

Before a new student is placed with returning students, the new student must submit their $100 housing deposit and have filled out their Residence Life Application (RLA), requesting you as a roommate. All of your other roommates must also request this friend on their housing form. If you are not sure if your friend has submitted their RLA or Housing Deposit, please contact reslife@uu.edu.

Will my current building be changing class/gender for the academic year of 2011-2012?

Below is a list of all complexes indicating the gender of each building. Please know that we may need to switch the gender of some buildings in order to accommodate all of our residents.

  • Freshman Year Experience Complex (Only Freshman)
    Male - Dehoney, Dodd, Grey, Jarman, Ayers 3
    Female - Craig, Lee, Paschall, Pollard, Rogers, Sullivan, Wright, Ayers 4
  • Male Residence Complex (Upperclassmen Males Only)
    Watters 1, Watters 2, Watters 3, Watters 4, Ayers 2, Grace 2, Warmath
  • Female Residence Complex (Upperclassmen Female Only)
    Grace 1, Grace 3, Hurt 1, Hurt 2, Hurt 3, Hurt 4, Hope 1, Hope 2, Hope 3, Ayers 1

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