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Motor Vehicle Registration and Parking

Every individual who maintains or operates a motor vehicle on the Union University campus must register each vehicle with the Safety & Security Office at the beginning of the semester or within 24 hours of bringing a vehicle to the campus. The registration fee is included in your total tuition package for the first permit. There is a $5 charge for each additional permit received within a year.

The vehicle's license plate number is required for registration of the vehicle.

Student Parking Permit Registration Form (.pdf)

The Safety & Security Office will issue a free Temporary Permit when an individual has the use of a vehicle for two weeks or less.

Free Visitor Permits are available in the Safety & Security office and the office of each Residence Complex Commons.

Handicap permits are available for students or staff who require special consideration for either a temporary or permanent condition. A physician's statement may be required.

Permit Placement

The permit must be affixed directly to the outside rear window, driver's side, bottom corner. Use the adhesive on the permit to attach it to the window. CONVERTIBLES: affix the permit to the outside front window, driver's side, bottom corner.

Parking permits are assigned by the following color codes:
Faculty/Staff Blue
Students Red
Outside Memberships
(Wellness Center, Pool, etc.)
Regional Campuses Same Designations

Parking Regulations

The continued cooperation on the part of everyone concerned is expected and essential.


Parking control is under the jurisdiction of the Director of Safety & Security. Tickets can be paid in the Safety & Security Office. If tickets are not paid, cleared or appealed in the Security office within 3 business days, the fine will be charged to your account by the Office of Business Services with a $1.00 service charge.

If you receive a citation when you believe you are in compliance with the parking regulations, a written appeal may be filed and submitted to the Office of Safety & Security. An Appeal Form may be obtained online or in the Safety & Security Office and must be completed within 3 business days following the date of the ticket. You will be notified of the outcome of your appeal after a decision has been made. If the appeal is denied, the violator will have 3 business days from the notification of the denial to pay the ticket or it will be sent to the Office of Business Services with a $1.00 service charge.

Students in violation of parking regulations will be ticketed and fines imposed as follows (effective 8/1/2014):

Additional Fines

Persons who accumulate more than five violations during the academic year (August - July) will have a $5.00 fine added to each additional ticket received. In addition to the designated fine, a chronic offender may be referred to the Dean of Students for disciplinary action. A chronic offender's vehicle is subject to removal from campus at any time at the owner's expense.

Towing Vehicles

Vehicles parked in reserved/designated spaces, blocking entrances and exits, loading and unloading zones, and chronic offenders are subject to removal at any time at the owner's expense. The University reserves the right to tow any vehicle at any time at the owner's expense.


Individuals receiving traffic tickets may discuss their case with designated staff personnel in the Safety and Security Office. Obvious errors will be corrected. Formal appeals may be made to the Office of Safety and Security. A written Appeal Form must be completed outlining the basis for the appeal within three business days following the date of the ticket. The student will receive an email regarding the outcome of the appeal.


The University reserves the right to inspect cars which are parked on University property.

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