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Van Policy and Student Driving Information

Important Change Effective
July 2014:

Union's insurance carrier requires ALL EMPLOYEES either driving a Union vehicle or driving their personal vehicle for Union-related business to have an annual Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) report conducted. This report is processed through Sterling Background Checks.

If you have plans to travel for Union-related business, you must first provide the Office of Safety and Security with your name and e-mail address. Simply e-mail this information to security@uu.edu.

Safety and Security will prompt Sterling Background Checks to send you an e-mail invite. Expect an e-mail from Sterling. If you don't receive this e-mail within a day, please check your Barracuda e-mail for spam. You will be asked to provide pertinent information to conduct a DMV report. Sterling will only run a DMV record check for the purpose of insurance requirements. The Fair Credit Reporting Act does cover background checks but this report is only regarding your driving record. It does not access any information related to your credit history or financial information.

University Van Requirements

Union University maintains vans for use by authorized faculty, staff and students for the purpose of University business or University-related activities. The University has four (4) 7-passenger vans (six passengers plus the driver), parked in designated marked spaces along "Van Row" in the PAC West lot facing the baseball field.

A department/organization's cost for van usage is .25 per mile. Each van key is attached to a wallet that contains a University credit card to be strictly used for fuel and maintenance needs while on the road. These charges are paid by the University.

Only faculty, staff and students listed on the University's Approved Driver List may drive a University vehicle or personal vehicle for Union-related business. Once approved, it will be the driver's responsibility to inform the Office of Safety and Security regarding any changes to their driver history. Authorization to drive a University vehicle will expire after one year and should be renewed within two (2) weeks of expiration. To renew authorization, e-mail your request to security@uu.edu to run a DMV report. The Office of Safety and Security may request an authorized driver to provide an updated driver history report and/or revoke driving privileges for any reason at any time.

The Office of Safety and Security will retain all documentation related to the authorization process and, upon request, provide said information to the underwriters of Union University insurance.

Student Authorization Procedure:

  1. Request a DMV report by submitting your name and e-mail address to the Office of Safety and Security or e-mail security@uu.edu. You will receive an e-mail from Safety and Security when your DMV report has been received.
  2. Complete the Application for Student Driver Authorization and submit to the Office of Safety and Security. Application for Student Driver Authorization: Word | PDF
  3. Upon review and approval of the application and driver history, schedule a time to take the written exam and road test.
  4. Upon successful completion of the written exam and road test, obtain a Student Driver Authorization ID.

Driver Requirements:

  1. All drivers must possess a valid driver's license. A copy of the license will be maintained in the Office of Safety and Security.
  2. All drivers must be at least 19 years old.
  3. All drivers must have current automobile liability insurance.
  4. All drivers should be knowledgeable of all pertinent laws and rules of the road.
  5. All drivers should be familiar with proper procedures to follow in the event of a breakdown, collision, or other emergency situation.

Van Usage Requirements:

  1. University van requests must be made by a Sponsor (Faculty, Staff or Administration).
  2. Vans will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.
  3. Good stewardship and time management is requested when scheduling a van. Please consider reserving a van one hour prior to departure unless a special circumstance needs consideration.
  4. Van reservations are made by completing the Van Reservation Request Form found on-line or by calling the Office of Safety and Security, 731-661-5018, or e-mail security@uu.edu.
  5. Confirmation for your van reservation will be e-mailed to you along with a Passenger List that must be completed and submitted to the Security office before your scheduled departure.
  6. Faculty and Staff advisors must accompany student organizations on the van if the group is traveling to an event over 60 miles from campus unless special arrangements are made with the Dean of Students.
  7. The Sponsor is responsible for enlisting an Authorized Student Driver.
  8. The driver is requested to call the Security cell phone, 731-394-2922, around the time of scheduled departure to meet a Security Officer at "Van Row." A Security Officer will promptly deliver the Trip Sheet and van key. Please allow approximately 5-10 minutes for the Security Officer to arrive and verify all occupants traveling in the van are listed on the Passenger List.
  9. The driver is responsible for making sure all occupants fasten seatbelts.
  10. Vans should be returned as scheduled on the Trip Sheet. The driver is expected to call Safety and Security if there is an unavoidable delay in returning to campus.
  11. Vans should be given the best possible care, free of trash and debris. A trash receptacle is available along "Van Row" for use by the driver and occupants upon return.
  12. Malfunctioning equipment or any problems relating to the operation of the vehicles should be reported in writing on the Trip Sheet.
  13. Safety while on the road is key! In case of a maintenance issue or breakdown, the driver should ensure the van is safely off the road and all occupants are in a safe place. Call Safety and Security, 731-394-2922, for appropriate procedure. If necessary, make contact with appropriate local authorities.
  14. In case of an accident or injury, call 911 to contact local police and obtain a police report, then call Safety and Security, 731-394-2922.
  15. All accidents must be reported to appropriate authorities and to Safety and Security. An accident report should be filed at the scene.
  16. Any traffic violation(s) issued against the driver for any reason will be the responsibility of the driver, not Union University.
  17. Vans are to be returned full of fuel.
  18. Upon returning to campus, the driver should call the Security cellphone, 731-394-2922, to alert a Security Officer. The officer will retrieve the completed and signed Trip Sheet, van key and fuel receipts.

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