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Post-Grad Survey 2015

Please answer the following questions and explain your answers where applicable.

About You
Full Name *
Preferred Name *
Union ID *
Full mailing address after graduation
(include street, PO Box, City/State/Zip)
Email after graduation *
Phone number after graduation *
Cell Phone number *
When did you graduate? *
What degree did you earn? *
What was your major? *
If you were a double major,
what was your secondary major?
What was your minor?
Job Status Survey
What is your current job status? *
If your status is full-time or part-time, where are you employed? (include company name, city and state)
If unemployed by choice, please explain.
How did you find out about your current position? *
What is your starting salary for your job?
(We will keep this information confidential)
less than $20k
$20k-$24k $25k-$29k
$30k-$34k $35k-$39k
$40k-$44k $45k-$49k
$50k-$54k $55k-$59k
$60k-$64k $65k-$69k
more than $70k *
Continuing Education Survey
(if you earned your Master's or Doctoral degree, please skip this section)
Did you apply to graduate school immediately (Fall 2014 or Winter/Spring 2015) and will begin graduate school immediately (Fall 2015 or Winter 2016)? Yes No
If no, do you plan to continue?
within one year? within five years?
Have you been accepted? Yes No
Where are you planning to attend?
What degree are you pursuing?
School Attending?
If other...
Full name of graduate school:
Vocatio Center Survey
Did you participate in on-campus recruiting? Yes No
If no, please explain why not.
Did you participate in Vocatio
Center Career Fairs?
Yes No
If no, please explain why not.
Did you participate in an internship
during the last two years?
Yes No
If yes, where?
What type of internship did you secure?
If you are unemployed, do you want to be contacted about employment possibilities? Yes No
Did you utilize Vocatio Center personalized or group services while attending Union University? Yes No *
If no, please explain why not.
Recent Job Postings
  • Fall Intern - Public Relations in Nashville, TN
  • MA/LPN – Nephrology – MOB in Jackson, TN
  • Chief Information Officer in New York, NY
  • Case Officer I in Decaturville, TN
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About the Vocatio Center
  • The Vocatio Center is available to all students and alumni of Union University.
  • We are located in the west end of the Penick Academic Complex, down "A/B" hall.
  • We are open from 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.
Contact Us
  • Jacqueline Taylor
    Assistant Dean of Students &
    Director of the Vocatio Center
  • Reneé Jones
    Associate Director of the Vocatio Center
  • Ben Burleson
    Programming Coordinator
  • Esperanza Aguilar
    Secretary/Student Success Advocate
  • Phone: 731-661-5421
  • Fax: 731-661-5187
  • Email: vocatiocenter@uu.edu
  • 1050 Union University Drive
  • Jackson, TN 38305

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