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Pre-Professional Studies: Health Professions

Pre-Professional Studies: Health Professions

If you plan to seek advanced professional training in the health sciences - to become a physician, dentist, veterinarian, physical therapist or some other type of health profession - you will need an outstanding undergraduate education that prepares you for rigorous study and professional excellence.

Union University has an exemplary record of helping students like you receive a first-rate education, with the knowledge and skills that will lead to success in your advanced training and later in your professional life. Union provides that education in a context of Christian faith and values, with faculty who are both teachers and mentors.

If your career path is leading to professional study in the health sciences, then Union can give you the head start you’ll need! Why is Union so widely recognized for quality pre-professional programs in the health sciences?

Once you begin applying to health professions programs and need recommendations for admission, please request a recommendation from the Health Professions Advisory Committee. To do so, fill out this form (.pdf), have your advisor sign it, and turn it in to Dr. Johnston (White Hall, Room 327), the HPAC director. The committee will draft a letter of recommendation based on the input of committee members, along with up to five other Union faculty or staff members of your choice, and send it to the schools to which you are applying.

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