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Doctor of Nursing Practice

Doctor of Nursing Practice

Available on the Jackson, Germantown (suburb of Memphis) and Hendersonville (suburb of Nashville) Campuses. Portions of the degree are offered online.

The Post-Master's Doctor of Nursing Practice Program (DNP) serves to strengthen the skills and knowledge of experienced and licensed practitioners in the area of executive leadership, nurse anesthesia, and nurse practitioner. The DNP Program provides the student with the opportunity to strengthen one's clinical skills by gaining intensive experiences in one's specialty area of practice, enhance the understanding of the theoretical underpinnings that supports one's specialty area of practice, and broaden one's perspective of healthcare systems and delivery models from a Christian worldview. READ MORE

The DNP Program is designed as a full-time post-master's program that begins the fall of each year. Students are expected to be on campus for four 1-week sessions per year with an ongoing intensive online educational process through the use of MoodleRooms. The clinical fellowships are expected to be completed in the area in which you live with clinical agency support from the institution in completing your DNP Project. Additional information may be obtained at http://www.uu.edu/programs/nursing/about/faq.cfm#dnp.

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  • 1050 Union University Drive
  • Jackson, TN 38305
  • Director: Dr. Kelly Harden
  • E-mail: kharden@uu.edu
  • Contact: Jo Anna Tacker
  • E-mail: jtacker@uu.edu
  • Phone: 901-759-1949

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