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The times below are currently available times. If a date you're interested in does not appear, it means that testing date is now full. Also a date may not appear because an exam cannot be registered for on the date of the exam.

There is a 2 day minimum requirement to cancel an exam. If the two day cancellation requirement is not met and the student does not show up to take the exam for which they have registered, the student will be responsible to pay the Test Administration.

MAT Date and Time: *

Please specify number of times MAT has been taken in the past 12 months.

Testing Fees can be paid with one method of payment.

  • Union Students: MAT Testing fee is $85.00 ($60 testing fee + $25 administration fee).
    The fees can be paid:
    • now by credit card or e-check (ACH) OR
    • at the time of testing by check (made out to Union University) or cash (exact change) only. Testing fees cannot be paid by credit card at the time of testing. If paying at the time of testing, what will be your Payment Method?:
  • Non-Union Students: MAT Testing fee is $85.00 ($60 testing fee + $25 administration fee).
    The fees should be paid:
    • now via credit card or e-check (ACH). The entire $85.00 testing fee is non-refundable. If not paid now, registraion will not be held for the test.

Test takers arriving 10 minutes or more after the scheduled start time of their exam will not be admitted for testing.

Registration Information

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Evening Phone Number:

Name of school (other than Union) to send scores:

required if you are a non-Union student

You will be able to pay your test administration fee
via credit card or e-check (ACH) on the next page.

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  • The Praxis exam is not administered at Union University. To obtain a registration packet please contact Praxis at (609) 771-7395. You may also register online. For more information on PRAXIS, visit www.ets.org/praxis/.

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