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Bulldog Golf vs. TBA

Mon, September 20, 2010  9:00 a.m.  Dickson, Tenn.
Union Result:  L 7-9
Greystone Cup (Sept. 20-21)
Match play vs. Trevecca Nazarene
Greystone Golf Club

2010 Greystone Cup

Match Play Results (Tuesday, Sept. 21)
Bobby Humburg (TNU) won 4 and 3 over Steven Coffelt (UU)
Skip Jones (TNU) won 4 and 2 over Tyler Lay (UU)
David Saldana (TNU) won 1 up over Matt Kelley (UU)
Josh Bratcher (UU) won 2 and 1 over Aaron Gaddis (TNU)
Brett Barry (UU) won 5 and 3 over William Potts (TNU)
Grant Moffett (TNU) won 2 and 1 over Micah Gentle (UU)
Steven Williams (TNU) halved with Ben Waits (UU)
Ryan Chandler (UU) won 1 up over Joey Bradley (TNU)
Trevecca defeated Union 4 1/2 to 3 1/2

Alternate Shot Results (Monday, Sept. 20)
Bobby Humburg/Skip Jones (TNU) won 4 and 3 over Micah Gentle/Steven Coffelt (UU)
Grant Moffet/Aaron Gaddis (TNU) halved with Jesper Swedenborg/Tyler Lay (UU)
Ryan Chandler/Matt Kelley (UU) won 6 and 4 over David Saldana/Steven Williams (TNU)
Brett Barry/Ben Waits (UU) won 1 up over Joey Bradley/William Potts (TNU)
Union defeated Trevecca 2 1/2 to 1 1/2

Four Ball Results (Monday, Sept. 20)
Grant Moffett/Skip Jones (TNU) won 3 and 1 over Josh Bratcher/Jesper Swedenborg (UU)
Bobby Humburg/David Saldana (TNU) won 4 and 2 over Wes Dyer/Tyler Lay (UU)
Steven Williams/Aaron Gaddis (TNU) halved with Brett Barry/Ben Waits (UU)
Joey Bradley/William Potts (TNU) halved with Ryan Chandler/Matt Kelley (UU)
Trevecca defeated Union 3 to 1

Trevecca led after the first two rounds on Monday 4 1/2 to 3 1/2

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