Dear Union friend,

Our Purpose

The purpose of The Union Auxiliary is to provide a service arm to Union University through the provision of scholarships. The Auxiliary seeks to aid Union in its mission to operate as an excellence-driven, Christ-centered, people-focused, and future-directed institution. The Auxiliary also desires to lend support to the lives of both international students and students of missionary families. The organization will strive to enhance the visibility of Union in the community by developing awareness that channels into active support.

Year thirteen has unfolded for me at Union University. It is with thanksgiving and great anticipation that we approach another year for the Union Auxiliary. To date the membership has given over $321,000 toward scholarship efforts - Praise God!

One of the most rewarding aspects of my role at the University has been the interaction with students both in and outside the classroom. Whether working with students on mission trips or on campus, you see firsthand their love for our Lord and for people.

The scholarships provided through the Auxiliary are often just the support a student needs to complete the financial school year. Our desire is to grow the scholarship fund so many more students can participate in this support.

Nothing is more exciting than meeting students who truly love Union and want to learn, grow and graduate from this institution. There are also many opportunities to serve the Union community through special projects such as being a support system for the missionary kids on campus and international students. Come and join us as the Union Auxiliary moves forward.

In His Service,

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