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The Barefoots Joe menu as of Fall 2013


Barefoots Joe serves coffee roasted in our roastery on campus.

Ensuring that the green coffee we purchase is both top quality and ethically traded, we work closely with a leading, international importer to select specialty coffees for our patrons. Our importers interact directly with coffee farmers and contribute to the quality of living and working. They travel to the farms and regularly cup coffees, deciding the best to import for clients like us. Because coffees usually thrive nearest the equator and are affected by environmental factors such as altitude, soil quality, rainfall, and sunshine, most of our coffees come from Latin America, East Africa, and Indonesia. We carry single-origin coffees and blend our own espresso in-house.

Barefoots Joe roaster, Levi Hartsfield, believes in roasting coffees in a manner that honors and extends the work of the farmers. Thus, he aims to draw out each coffee's unique attributes without imposing a roasted flavor onto the seeds. Our hope is that our patrons enjoy their experience at Barefoots and, in turn, join us in celebrating and supporting the work of those who plant, harvest, sort, bag, and live on the income from this coffee.

Bakery Items

Baked goods arrive around 9 a.m. and are made fresh by a local baker. The current scedule is as follows:

  • Monday | Cinnamon Rolls
  • Tuesday | Coffee Cake
  • Wednesday | Coffee Cake
  • Thursday | Scones (chocolate chip or white chocolate cranberry)
  • Friday | Muffins or Misc.

Decorative chalkboard listing the espresso extraction process at Barefoots Joe