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Title: You May Ask Yourself: An Introduction to Thinking Like a Sociologist
Author: Dalton Conley (2008)
Publisher: WW. Nortan & Company, Inc
ISBN-10: 0393935175
ISBN-13: 9780393935172 | Google Products | Google Scholar
Title: Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America
Author: Barbara Ehrenreich (2008)
Publisher: Holt Paperbacks
ISBN-10: 0312626681
ISBN-13: 9780312626686 | Google Products | Google Scholar
Title: Divided by Faith: Evangelical religion and The Problem of Race in America
Author: Emerson and Smith (2000)
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN-10: 0195147073
ISBN-13: 9780195147070 | Google Products | Google Scholar

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