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Christian Studies: 2015BSP - Spring Feb Accel Sem 2015

Course Title Credits Synonym Level Faculty Meets Times Room Location Enrollment Term Starts Ends
CHR-111-ADW1 Old Testament Survey 3 74048 UG J. Shatzer TBA Web/Online OPEN 2015BSP 1/31/15 3/19/15
Title: Old Testament Survey 2nd edition
Publisher: Nashville: B & H 2007
ISBN-10: 0805440364 | Lifeway Rental | Google Products | Google Scholar
Comments: ** PLEASE NOTE ** YOU WILL ALSO NEED THE FOLLOWING FOR THIS CLASS: 1. A modern translation of the Bible (ESV,NASB,NIV,HCSB) 2. Subscription to Eras 1-4 of "The Biblical Story": (

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