Discovering My Design-
The Gifts Program

Exploring God's Unique Gifts in Our Lives

God so beautifully and purposefully created each butterfly. Just as He has created the beauty of the butterfly, He also created each of us with a special purpose. Before we can use our God-given gifts, we must identify and learn to apply them to every aspect of our lives.

"Discovering My Design" assists students in discovering and understanding how they are uniquely gifted.  The application of these gifts will be an invaluable tool as students impact people and circumstances at school, work, community and church.  The process allows students to recognize their strengths and enables them to more effectively make academic and career decisions.

 The program revolves around four objectives:

  • To illustrate to students the scriptural basis for their unique giftedness
  • To describe the SIMA theory, process and elements
  • To uncover each students unique giftedness
  • To apply giftedness to school, career, walk with God

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