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400 year old Geneva Bible survived tornado, returns to Ryan Center

February 5, 2009 - The 1615 Geneva Bible which serves as the centerpiece for the Ryan Center for Biblical Studies has finally returned to its home. Although renovation of the Center was completed several months ago, the artifact bible display case has only recently been fully restored. The original case was damaged by the tornado of Feb. 5, 2008 but it’s contents were not.

“We were so thankful to discover that the bibles were not damaged” said Center director Ray Van Neste, “even though the protective case was covered with water and debris.” The bibles included a 200 year old printing of John Wyclif’s 1830 English New Testament, a 300 year old printing of Theodore Beza’s Greek and Latin New Testament, and the 400 year old Geneva Bible.

The Geneva Bible has been used as the centerpiece for the Center for Biblical Studies because it represents the efforts of the Reformers to present the bible to the English speaking world in a language that they could read and understand for themselves. This is also the goal of the Center, to aid readers in understanding the message and meaning of the Word of God.

The Ryan Center received the Geneva Bible as a generous donation from David and Linda Shoaf of Hornlake, MS.